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A well written and detailed study of the efforts of Eastern
European Jewish immigrants to become American farmers.
D in n e r s t e in , L eo n a rd and M a ry D a l e P a l s s o n , eds.
Jews in the
B a ton R ouge : L ou is ian a State U n iv er s ity Press,
v iii-f-
392 pp. $12.50.
Includes articles on Southern Jewry from the antebellum period
to the present.
E l o v i t z , M a rk
A Century of Jewish L ife in D ix ie: T he B irm ing ­
ham Experience (1871-1971)
University, Ala.: University of Ala­
bama Press, 1974. v iii+258 pp. $10.00
E lz a s , B a r n e t t
The Jews of South Carolina: From the Earliest
T im es to the Present Day.
Spartanburg, N.C.: Reprint Co., 1972.
352 pp. illus. $15.00.
A reprint of the 1905 edition; an excellent community history
covering the period from Colonial times to 1905.
G la n z , R u d o l f .
T he Jews of California From the D iscovery of Gold
Un til 1880.
New York: Ktav, 1960. v iii+188 pp. $7.50.
An account of the settlement of the Jews in California and their
communal, economic, religious, social and cultural life.
G o ld en , H a r r y .
The Greatest Jewish C ity in the World.
Garden City,
New York: Doubleday, 1972. 236 pp. illus. $12.95.
Through photograph and text, the “Jewishness” of New York
City is expounded.
G r in s te in , H ym an
The R ise of the Jewish Commun ity of N ew
York, 1654-1860.
Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society
of America, 1945. xii-j-645 pp. illus.
A classic, comprehensive study of the early history of the largest
Jewish community in the world.
H ap good , H u t c h in s .
The Sp irit of the Ghetto .
Edited by Moses
Rischin. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1967. x l +
315 pp. illus. $8.50. New York: Schocken, 1966. $2.95 paperbound.
A facsimile reproduction of the classic study of the Lower East
Side in New York City, first published in 1902, with a new in­
troduction and notes.
K r a n z l e r , G e o r g e .
W illiam sburg-U .S .A .: The Face of Faith; An
American Hassidic Commun ity.
Photographs by Irving I. Herzberg.
Baltimore: Baltimore Hebrew College Press, 1972. 117 pp. illus.
Photographic essay of the Hassidic community in the Williams­
burg section of Brooklyn, N.Y.
L andesm an , A l t e r
B rownsville: The B ir th , D eve lopm en t and
Passing of a Jewish Commun ity in N ew York.
New York: Bloch,
1969. x+418 pp. $7.95.