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A well written and carefully researched study of a community
in Brooklyn which contained the largest concentration of Jews
in New York City; the author served as the director of the local
Hebrew Educational Society for over forty years.
N a t i o n a l C o u n c i l
o f
J e w i s h W om e n . P i t t s b u r g h S e c t i o n .
Myself I’m a Book! An Oral H istory of the Imm igran t Jewish
Experience in P ittsburgh .
W a l th am : A m e r ic a n
H i s to r i c a l
Soc ie ty , 1972. x x i i + 1 6 6 p p . i llu s . $6.50.
An unusually written local history, containing annotated com­
ments of immigrant Jews in Pittsburgh, collected by volunteers
in an oral history project.
P o s t a l , B ern a r d
L i o n e l Koppman.
Jewish Landmarks in N ew
York: An In formal H istory and Guide.
New York: Hill and Wang,
1964. v ii+277 pp. illus.
The most current and comprehensive guide available to places
of Jewish interest in New York City and adjacent counties.
R is ch in , M oses .
T he Prom ised C ity: N ew York's Jews 1870-1914.
New York: Harper & Row, 1970. xv i+342 pp. illus. $3.45 paper-
A comprehensive study of a significant period in the history of
the New York Jewish community; an analysis of the economic
adjustment of the new arrivals, their living conditions, relation­
ship to the established community, and their cultural, social
and political achievements in the New World.
R ub in , I s r a e l .
Satmar: An Island in the City.
New York: Quadrangle
Books, 1972. x+272 pp. $8.95.
A sociological study of the community and culture of the Sat-
marer Hassidim of the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, N.Y.
R u d o lp h , B.
From a M inyan to a Commun ity: A H isto ry of the
Jews of Syracuse.
Syracuse, Syracuse University, 1970. x ix+314
pp. illus. $7.50.
A fine community study by a non-professional historian.
S c h o e n e r , A l l o n ,
P orta l to America: T he L ow er East Side 1870—
New York: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 1967. 256 pp.
illus. $12.95. Paperbound, $5.95.
Primarily a collection of contemporary newspaper articles and
photographs depicting life on the East Side.
W o l f , Edw in ,
2nd and
M a x w e l l W h i t em a n .
T he H istory of the Jews
of Ph ilade lph ia: From Colon ial T im es to the Age of Jackson.
Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1957.
534 pp. illus.
A very fine study of the Philadelphia Jewish community through
the third decade of the 19th century.