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G l o c k , C h a r l e s
Y. and
R o d n e y S t a rk .
Christian Be liefs and An ti-
Sem itism .
New York: Harper & Row, 1966. x x i+ 2 6 6+ 2 4 pp.
$1.95 paperbound.
The first report of a detailed study on antisemitism by the
Survey Research Center of the University of California which re­
vealed that the teachings of the Church is one of the important
factors in American antisemitism.
G oodm an , Abram V o ssen .
American Overture: Jewish R igh ts in Colo­
nia l T imes .
Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of
America, 1947. xiv+265 pp. illus.
An interesting and very useful account of Jewish rights during
our country’s early history.
H a r r is , L ou is
B e r t
Sw an son .
Black-Jewish R e la tion s in N ew
York City.
New York: Praeger, 1970. xx iii+234 pp. $15.00.
A very detailed survey of the attitudes of Negroes, Jews, and
non-Jewish whites in New York City toward Negro-Jewish relations.
I sa a c s , S t e p h e n
Jews and American Politics.
New York: Doubleday,
1974. 302 pp. $8.95.
M a y e r , J o h n
Jew ish-Gentile Courtships: An Exp lora tory S tudy of
a Social Process.
New York: Free Press of Glencoe, 1961. x-f240
pp. $7.95.
A study of 25 couples, one or both of whose partners had initially
been opposed to intermarriage and the factors that occasioned
their change of attitude.
S e l z e r , M i c h a e l ,
“K ike!”: A Documen tary H istory of An ti-Sem itism
in America.
New York: World, 1972. xvii+231 pp. illus. $3.95
Documents of antisemitism in America from 1654 to the present.
S e lz n ic k , G e r t r u d e
J. and
S t ep h e n S t e in b e rg .
T he Tenac ity of Pre­
jud ice: An ti-Sem itism in Con temporary America.
New York:
Harper & Row, 1969. xx i+248 pp. $1.95 paperbound.
A study conducted by the Survey Research Center of the Uni­
versity of California which indicated that antisemitism continues
at a significant level in America and that lack of education is a
primary factor in its manifestation.
S n e t s in g e r , J o h n .
Truman , the Jewish Vote, and the Creation of Israel.
Stanford: Hoover Institution Press, Stanford University, 1974.
xv+208 pp. $6.95.
The author contends that President Truman supported the idea
of a Jewish state only when faced with the impending Presidential
election of 1948.