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W e isb o rd , R o b e r t G .
A r t h u r S t e in .
B ittersw ee t Encounter: The
A fro-American and the American Jew.
New York: Schocken, 1972.
xxvii+242 pp. $2.95 paperbound.
A brief historic survey with emphasis on current problems.
F e in g o ld , H e n r y L .
T he Po litics of Rescue: T he R oo seve lt A dm in istra ­
tion and the Ho locaust
New Brunswick: Rutgers Uni­
versity Press, 1970. x iii+394 pp. $12.50.
Includes information on the efforts of the American Jewish
community to save European Jewry.
F e in s t e in , M a rn in .
American Zionism 1884-1904.
New York: Herzl
Press, 1965. 320 pp. $6.00.
Primarily based on contemporary newspaper and periodical
F r iedm an ,
S a u l S.
N o Haven for the Oppressed: Un ited States Policy
T oward Jewish Refugees
Detroit: Wayne State U n i­
versity Press,
1973. 315
An attempt to explain America’s failure to admit large numbers
of Jewish refugees during World War II.
H a lp e r in , S am u e l .
The Po litica l World of American Zionism.
Wayne State University Press, 1961. ix+431 pp.
A sober, well-informed and interestingly written study.
H e c k e lm a n , A . Jo sep h .
American Volunteers and Israel’s War of
Independence .
New York: Ktav, 1974. xx ii+304 pp. $12.50.
An interesting and realistic evaluation of the American military
role in the establishment of Israel.
H e rm a n , S im on N .
American S tuden ts in Israel.
Ithaca: Cornell Uni­
versity Press, 1970. v iii+236 pp. $8.50.
A detailed study of American Jewish students in Israel, their
reasons for going, the changes in their attitudes and the Israeli re­
action to them.
S a f r a n , N ad av .
T he U n ited States and Israel.
Cambridge, Mass.:
Harvard University Press, 1963. xvii+341 pp. $8.50.
Primarily a study of the origins and development of the State
of Israel; includes an analysis of the relationship of American
Jewry and its impact on United States foreign policy towards Israel.
S c h e c h tm a n , J o sep h
The Un ited States and the Jewish State M ove­
m en t: T he Crucial Decade 1939-1949.
New York: Herzl Press,
1966. 474 pp. illus. $8.60.
Includes material on the role of American Jews and the Zionist
movement in shaping American policy.
S l a t e r , L eon a rd .
The Pledge.
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1970.