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350 pp. $6.95. New York: Pocket Books, 1971. $1.50 paperbound.
The story of American Jewish underground activity in providing
the military needs of the not-yet-established State of Israel.
T h om a s , G o rd on
M a x M o rg a n W i t t s .
Voyage of the D amned .
New York: Stein and Day, 1974. 317 pp. illus. $8.95.
The tragic story of the passenger liner
St. Lou is
which left
Hamburg for Cuba in 1939 with 937 Jewish refugees who were
ultimately refused entry to any country.
W ym an , D a v id S.
Paper Walls: America and the Re fugee Crisis 1938-
[Amherst] The University of Massachusettes Press, 1968.
ix+306 pp. $12.00.
An analysis of the American response to the admission of Jewish
refugees from Europe.
S z a jk ow sk i , Zosa.
Jews, Wars, and Communism .
Vol. 1. New York:
Ktav, 1972. xxvii+714 pp. illus. $20.00. Vol. 2. New York: Ktav,
1974. 398 pp. illus. $20.00.
Vol. 1 of the projected series covers the attitude of American
Jews to World War 1, the Russian Revolutions of 1917 and Com­
munism (1914-1945); vol. 2, the impact of the Red Scare of
1919-20 on American Jewish life.
B ern a rd , J a c q u e l in e .
T he Ch ildren You Gave Us: A H istory of 150
Years of Service to Children .
New York, Jewish Child Care Asso­
ciation of New York, 1973. v iii+186 pp. illus. $6.95.
A history of the Jewish Child Care Association of New York.
B o r o w i t z , E u g en e B.
The Mask Jews Wear: The Self-Deceptions of
American Jewry.
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1973. 222 pp.
The author describes the American Jews as the “modern
Marrano” who has repressed his Jewish identity.
E p s te in , M e l e c h .
Jewish L abo r in U.S.A.: An Industria l, Po litica l and
Cu ltura l H istory of the Jewish L abo r M ovem en t.
New York: Ktav,
1969. l+ 4 5 6 + v i i i+ 4 6 6 pp. $25.00.
A reprint of the two-volume 1950-53 edition, which consisted
of a study of the Jewish labor movement in America and the im­
pact of Jewish unions on the cultural life of the American Jewish
workingman, with a new preface by the author.
F r e id , J a c o b ,
Judaism and the Commun ity: N ew D im ensions in
Jewish Social Work.
South Brunswick: Yoseloff, 1968. 248 pp. $6.00.
A collection of articles dealing with problems confronting the
contemporary American Jew: relations with the community, social
welfare, intermarriage, philanthropy and mental health.