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G a r v in , P h i l ip .
A P eop le A pa r t: Hasidism in America.
by Philip Garvin. Text by Arthur A. Cohen. New York: E. P.
Dutton, 1970. 192 pp. (chiefly illus.) $20.00.
An unusual photographic study of Hasidic life in America.
G i l lm a n , J o s ep h M.
T he B ’nai Kha im in America: A S tudy of Cul­
tural Change in a Jewish Group.
Philadelphia: Dorrance, 1969.
xv iii+168 pp. illus. $5.00.
A detailed study of the acculturation and adjustment of Ameri­
can descendants of Khaim Kaprov, candle-maker in the Ukraine,
their educational and economic achievements, and their attitudes
toward matters Jewish and general.
G o ld s t e in , S idney
C a lv in G o ld s c h e id e r .
Jewish Americans: Three
Generations in a Jewish Commun ity.
Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-
Hall, 1968. xv ii+274 pp. illus. $3.95 paperbound.
A detailed sociological study of the Jewish community of Provi­
dence, Rhode Island.
G o rd on , A l b e r t
Jews in Suburbia.
Westport, Conn.: Greenwood,
1973. xxv+264 pp. $12.00.
A reprint of the 1959 edition; a detailed study of the problems
encountered by the Jewish community in the shift from the city
to the suburbs.
K ram er , J u d i th
R. and
S e ym ou r L e v en tm a n .
Ch ildren of the G ilded
Ghe tto : Conflict R eso lu tions of Three Generations of American
Hamden, Conn.: Shoe String Press, 1969. xviii+228 pp. $7.00.
The differing adjustment of second and third generation Ameri­
can Jews in a typical Midwestern city,
L iebm an , C h a r l e s
T he Am b iva len t American Jew: Po litics
R e ­
ligion and Family in American Jewish Life.
Philadelphia: The
Jewish Publication Society of America, 1973. x ii+215 pp. $5.95.
The author concludes that to ensure Jewish survival in the
United States today requires a rejection of the values of integration.
M ann e r s , Ande .
Poor Cousins.
New York: Coward, McCann
ghegan, 1972. 318 pp. illus. $8.95.
A popularly written and amusing account of the conflict be­
tween the German and Russian Jew in America.
M e t zk e r , I sa a c ,
A B in te l Brief: S ixty Years of L e tte rs from the
L ow er East Side to the
Jewish Daily Forward. Garden City, N.Y.:
Doubleday, 1971. 214 pp. illus. $1.25 paperbound.
An annotated selection of documents from the famous news­
paper column which vividly portray the Eastern European Jewish
immigrant experience in America.
P o r t e r , J a c k N u sa n
P e t e r D r e i e r ,
Jewish Rad ica lism : A