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Selected, An tho logy .
New York: Grove Press, 1973, liv+389 pp.
$2.45 paperbound.
Along with selected articles from the Jewish radical press are
included an introductory essay on the roots of Jewish radicalism
in America and a worldwide listing of radical Jewish movement
groups and publications.
R a b in o w i t z , D o r o t h y
Y ed ida N i e l s o n .
H om e L ife : A Story of
O ld Age.
New York: Macmillan, 1971. x+192 pp. $5.95.
An exploration of the lives of the people in Jewish homes for
the aged.
R o s e n t h a l , G i l b e r t
S., ed.
T he Jexuish Family in a Changing World .
South Brunswick: Thomas Yoseloff, 1970. 367 pp. $6.95.
Papers from a conference sponsored by the Commission on Syn­
agogue Relations of the Federation of Jewish Philanthropies of
New York dealing with the problems facing the Jewish community,
including adoption, leisure time, drug addiction, education, the
student, intermarriage, philanthropy and the aged.
Sh erm an ,
B e z a l e l .
The Jews w ith in American Society: A S tudy in
E thn ic Ind iv idua lity .
Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1965.
260 pp. $3.95 paperbound.
A thoughtful and provocative study of the American Jew and
the American Jewish community.
S h i lo h , A i lo n and Ida Cohen S e lavan , eds.
Ethn ic Groups of Am er­
ica: T he ir M o rb id i ty , M o r ta lity and Behav ior Disorders.
Vol. I:
T h e Jews. Springfield,
Charles C. Thomas,
1973. x ix+425 pp.
A collection of articles that have previously appeared in pro­
fessional and scholarly journals.
S id orsky , D av id ,
The Future of the Jewish Commun ity in America.
New York: Basic Books, 1973. xxviii+324 pp. $11.95.
A collection of essays dealing with the many facets of the Amer­
ican Jewish community, prepared for the Task Force on The
Future of the Jewish Community in America of the American
Jewish Committee.
S k la r e , M a r s h a l l .
America’s Jews.
New York: Random House, 1971.
xiv+234 pp. $3.25 paperbound.
A sociological study analyzing the demography, family and com­
munity structure, and education of the American Jew and his re­
lation to non-Jews and to Israel.
S k la r e , M a r s h a l l ,
Conservative Judaism: An American R e lig iou s
M ovem en t.
New York: Schocken Books, 1972. 330 pp. $10.00.
An updating of the classic sociological study.