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Selected Books of
American Jewish Biography
C h y e t , S t a n l e y
F., ed.
L ives and Voices: A Collection of American
Jewish Memoirs.
Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of
America, 1972. xx i+388 pp. illus. $6.50.
A collection of biographies of average American Jews.
D av id , J a y ,
G row ing Up Jewish.
New York: Morrow, 1969. x +
341 pp. $7.50. $.95 paperbound.
A collection of autobiographical selections, more than half of
which describe an American childhood.
E p s te in . M e l e c h .
Profiles of Eleven .
Detroit: Wayne State University
Press, 1965. 379 pp. $10.95.
Sketches of eleven men, labor leaders, lawyers, poets and poli­
ticians, who guided the lives of Jewish immigrants in the early
part of the 20th century and helped them attain better social
and economic conditions.
G o o d h a r t , A r t h u r L.
Five Jewish Lawyers of the Common Law .
Freeport, N.Y.: Books for Libraries Press [1971] v ii+81 pp. $7.75.
A reissue of an earlier edition containing studies of Judah P.
Benjamin, Louis D. Brandeis and Benjamin N. Cardozo, with a
new study of Felix Frankfurter.
L eb eson , A n i t a L ibman .
R eca ll to L ife: The Jewish Woman in Am e r­
South Brunswick: Thomas Yoseloff [1970] 851 pp. $8.95.
A history of the contributions of women to American Jewish
L e v i t a n , T in a .
Jews in American L ife.
New York: Hebrew Publish­
ing Company, 1969. 253 pp. illus. $5.00.
“Concise biographies of 90 American Jews.”
M ad ison , C h a r l e s A .
Em inen t American Jews: 1776 to the Present.
New York: Ungar, 1971. x ii+400 pp. illus. $10.00.
Popular biographies of fifteen prominent American Jews.
N o v e ck , S im on ,
G reat Jewish Personalities in M ode rn T im es .
Washington: B’nai B’rith Department of Adult Jewish Education,
1960. x iii+366 pp. $5.95. New York: Bloch, 1960. $3.95 paper-