Page 75 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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Includes biographies of Isaac Mayer Wise, Solomon Schechter,
Louis D. Brandeis and Henrietta Szold.
N o v e c k , S im on ,
Great Jewish Th inkers of the Tw en tie th Century.
Washington: B’nai B’rith Department of Adult Jewish Educa­
tion [1963] xv i+326 pp. $5.95. New York: Bloch, 1963. $3.95
Includes three essays on the theological views of Kaufmann
Kohler, Mordecai M. Kaplan and Joseph Soloveitchik as repre­
sentative of the three major groups of contemporary American
P o s t a l , B ern a rd , J e sse S i l v e r and R o y S i l v e r .
Encyclopedia of Jews
in Sports.
New York: Bloch, 1965. x iii+526 pp. illus. $12.95.
A large proportion of those listed are American Jews.
R ib a lo w , H a r o l d
U., comp.
Au tob iograph ies of American Jews.
delphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America, 1965. x i i i+
496 pp. $6.00.
A collection of twenty-five autobiographical excerpts covering
the period 1880-1920.
R ib a lo w , H a r o l d
T he Jew in American Sports.
Rev. ed. New
York: Bloch, 1973. xvi+414 pp. illus. $6.95.
Biographies of twenty-nine stars.
V or span , A l b e r t .
Giants of Justice.
New York: Union of American
Hebrew Congregations, 1960. xii-f-260 pp. illus. $4.30.
Biographies of fourteen prominent American Jews.
A d l e r , C yru s .
I H ave Considered the Days.
New York: United Syna­
gogue of America, 1969. xiii+447 pp. illus. $6.95.
The autobiography of a prominent Jewish scholar, communal
leader and college president.
A d l e r , C yru s .
Jacob H . Schiff: H is L ife and Letters .
Saint Clair Shores,
Mich.: Scholarly Press, 1968. 2 vols. illus. $29.50.
A biography of the prominent American philanthropist and
patron of Jewish studies; a reprint of the 1928 edition.
B ak e r , L iva .
Felix Frankfurter.
New York: Coward-McCann, 1969.
376 pp. illus. $8.95.
A biography of the famous jurist.
B a rn a rd , H a r r y .
The Forging of an American Jew : T he L ife and
T im es of Judge Ju lian W. Mack.
New York: Herzl Press, 1974.
346 pp. $7.95.
A biography of the prominent American jurist and Zionist leader.