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R o s e n s t o c k , M o r t o n .
L ou is Marshall: D efender of Jewish R igh ts.
troit: Wayne State University Press, 1966. 334 pp. $10.95.
A study of integroup problems affecting American Jewry in the
early twentieth century and the Jewish reaction through the per­
sonality of Marshall who served as president of the American Jew­
ish Committee and was considered by many as “the foremost lead­
er of American Judaism.”
S am u e l , M a u r ic e .
L i t t le D id I Know : R eco llec tions and Reflections.
New York: A. A. Knopf, 1963. 326 pp. $6.95.
An autobiography of a prominent American author, translator
and Zionist spokesman.
Sanders , R o n a ld .
T he D own tow n Jews: Portra its of an Imm igran t
New York: Harper 8c Row, 1969. x+477 pp. illus.
A study of the Lower East Side of New York City, based on the
life and autobiography of Abraham Cahan.
Sanders , R o n a ld .
R e flec tion s on a T eapo t: The Personal H istory of
a T im e .
New York: Harper 8c Row, 1972. x i+385 pp. $8.95.
An autobiography by the editor of
M idstream .
T i i o r n e , F l o r e n c e
Samuel Gompers: American Statesman.
port, Conn.: Greenwood Press, 1957. 175 pp. $10.50.
A biography of the prominent labor leader who was the founder
and president of the American Federation of Labor.
W in t e r , N a t h a n
Jewish Education in a Pluralist Society: Samson
Benderly and Jewish Education in the Un ited States.
New York:
New York University Press, 1966. xvi+262 pp. $8.95.
A study of the educational philosophy and achievements of Ben­
derly, who was the director of the first Bureau of Jewish Educa­
tion in the United States.
B lo o d , W i l l i a m M.
A po s tle of Reason: A B iography of Joseph Kraus-
Philadelphia: Dorrance, 1973. 262 pp. $5.95.
Rabbi Krauskopf was a graduate of the first class of Hebrew
Union College in 1883 and a leader of the Philadelphia Jewish
B e n tw i c h , N o rm an .
Solomon Schechter: A B iography.
New York:
United Synagogue of America, 1964. xvi+374 pp. illus. $5.00.
A reprint of the 1938 edition published by the Jewish Publica­
tion Society of America of the biography of the prominent Amer­
ican rabbinic scholar.
G in zb erg , E l i .
K e eper of the Law : Louis Ginzberg.
Philadelphia: The
Jewish Publication Society of America, 1966. x+348 pp. illus. $6.00.