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sian immigrant girl to American society; a facsimile reproduction
of the 1912 edition, with a new Foreword by Oscar Handlin.
C h y e t , S t a n l e y
L opez of N ew po r t: Colonial American Merchant
Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1970. 246 pp. illus.
A biography of an‘ eminent American Jew in Colonial America.
C l a r k , R o n a ld
E instein: T he L ife and Times.
New York: World,
1971. xv+718 pp. illus. $15.00. New York: Avon Books, 1972.
$1.95 paperbound.
A biography of the internationally famous scientist.
G o ld , H e r b e r t .
M y Last Tw o Thousand Years.
New York: Random
House, 1972. 246 pp. $6.95.
The author recounts his life, from an Ohio boyhood as the son
of Russian immigrants, and an identity search which has led him
back to his Jewish roots.
G o ld e n , H a r r y .
The R igh t T im e : An Au tob iography .
New York:
Putnam, 1969. 450 pp. illus. $6.95. New York: Pyramid Publica­
tions, 1971. $1.25 paperbound.
The autobiography of the famous author, publisher and civil
rights activist.
H o l t z , A v rah am .
Isaac D ov Berkow itz: Voice of the U proo ted .
New York: East and West Library, Cornell University Press, 1973.
241 pp. illus. $8.50.
Included is biographical material of the prominent American
Hebrew author, an analysis of his writings and translations of
six of his stories.
J a cob s , P a u l .
Is Curly Jew ish? A Po litica l Self-Portrait I llum ina ting
Three Turbu len t Decades of Social R e vo l t 1935-1965.
New York:
Atheneum, 1965. 339 pp. New York: Random House, 1973. $2.45
An autobiography of a prominent American Socialist writer.
K am in ska , Ida .
M y L ife , M y Theater.
Edited and translated by Curt
Leviant. New York: Macmillan, 1973. x i+310 pp. illus. $7.95.
A memoir by an actress long active in the Yiddish theater in
Poland and Russia who emigrated to America in 1968.
K az in , A l f r e d .
A Walker in the City.
New York: Harcourt, Brace and
Jovanovich, 1951. 176 pp. $4.95. $2.15 paperbound.
Stories portraying Jewish life in the Brownsville section of
Brooklyn in the post-World War I period.
L ev en son , Sam.
Every th ing Bu t Money.
New York: Simon and Schuster,
1966. 285 pp. $4.95. New York: Pocket Books, 1969. $.95 paper-
Childhood reminiscences of the popular television personality.