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L ev in , A l e x a n d r a L ee .
T he Szolds of L om ba rd S tree t: A B a ltim ore
Fam ily, 1859-1901.
Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society of
America, 1960. viii-{-418 pp. illus. $5.00.
The story of a prominent Baltimore Jewish family, including
an account of the early life of Henrietta Szold.
L ew i s o h n , L udw ic .
Up Stream: An American Chronicle.
Saint Clair
Shores, Mich.: Scholarly Press [n.d.] 248 pp. $9.50.
The autobiography of the prominent American literary figure
and Zionist.
S ta g g , J e r r y .
The Brothers Shubert.
New York: Random House, 1968.
xii+481 pp. illus. $12.50.
The story of a famous family, prominent for the theaters they
owned and the theatrical performances they produced.
W h i t em a n , M a x w e l l .
Coppe r for America: T he H endricks Family
and a N a tiona l Industry 1755-1939.
New Brunswick, N.J.: Rutgers
University Press, 1971. viii+353 pp. illus. $12.50.
The story of an American Jewish family, which established one
of the first copper-rolling mills in the United States.
B isk in , M ir iam .
My L ife Am ong the Gentiles.
South Brunswick: A. S.
Barnes, 1968. 164 pp. $1.98.
Autobiography of a Jewish school teacher in upstate New York.
B l a u s t e in , E s th e r .
When Momma Was the L and lord .
New York:
Harper & Row, 1972. 201 pp. $6.95.
The author recalls her childhood adventures as the daughter of
the landlord of two apartment buildings in Newark, N.J.
B o ck , J o a n n e .
Pop W iener: N a ive Painter.
Amherst: University
o f
Massachusetts Press, 1974. 157 pp. illus. $20.00.
A study of the paintings of Isidor Wiener who began painting
at the age of sixty-five and who incorporated many Jewish elements
into his work.
D a h a n , B o n n ie T r u s t .
M y H om e Is Someplace Far Away.
New York:
Peter H. Wyden, 1972. 186 pp. $4.95.
The autobiography of an American Jewish girl planning to
settle in Israel.
E vans , E l i
T he Provincials: A Personal H istory of Jews in the
New York: Atheneum, 1973. xiv+369 pp. $10.95.
Contains autobiographical information that attempts to explain
the nature of Jewish life in the South.
H e r sh k o w i t z , L e o
I s id o re
M ey e r ,
The Lee Max Friedman
Collection of American Jewish Colon ial Correspondence: L e tte rs