Page 83 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 33

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by Ludwig Lewisohn,
Summer in W illiam sburg
by Daniel Fuchs,
T he O ld Bunch
by Meyer Levin,
T he Young L ion s
by Irwin Shaw,
M arjorie Morn ingstar
by Herman Wouk,
The Assistant
by Ber­
nard Malamud,
The Last Angry Man
by Gerald Green,
by Edward Lewis Wallant,
by Saul Bellow
The Chosen
by Chaim Potok.
A n s e l l , Ja ck .
T he Shermans of Mannerville.
New York: Arbor House,
1971. 346 pp. $6.95.
One of the infrequent, but good, books on Jewish life in the
deep South, in which the Jews of the region are confronted with
the ethical questions of race, and civil rights and liberties.
B e l l o w , S a u l .
The A dven tu res of Aug ie March.
New York: Viking,
1953. 536 pp. $6.00. New York: Fawcett, 1973. $1.50.
The celebrated Bellow novel about Augie March and his Jew­
ish family living in Chicago.
---- .
New York: Viking, 1964. 341 pp. $5.75. New York: Faw­
cett, 1974. $2.00.
A cerebral novel about an intellectual Jew, his neuroses, his
loves and his family relationship.
---- .
Mr. Sammler’s P lanet.
New York: Viking, 1970. 313 pp. $6.95.
New York: Fawcett, 1971. $1.25.
The tragic story of an old Jew, a survivor of the Holocaust,
who cannot cope with life in the United States.
---- .
Seize the Day.
New York: Viking, 1956. 211 pp. $3.00. New
York: Fawcett, 1973. $1.25.
The story of Tommy Wilhelm, a "failed” American Jew.
---- .
T he Victim.
New York: Vanguard, 1947. 294 pp. $6.95. New
York: Signet, $.95.
A twist on anti-Semitism, where the non-Jew feels persecuted
by the Jew and thereby takes advantage of the Jew. In the mean­
time, Bellow deals with the issue of anti-Semitism and self-hate.
C ah an , A b raham .
T he R ise of D av id Levinsky.
Gloucester, Mass.:
Peter Smith, 1951. 530 pp. $5.00. New York: Harper 8c Row, 1960.
The first real American-Jewish novel, about a garment industry
manufacturer who, in the process of becoming “Americanized,”
loses his soul. It includes a detailed and authentic description of
the rise of the ready-to-wear clothing industry to which Jews have
contributed a great deal.
Chapm an , A b raham .
Jewish-American L itera tu re: An An tho logy.
York: New American Library, 1974. 727 pp. $1.95.
Here is an anthology of fiction, poetry, autobiography and
criticism, with an introduction and biographical notes by the