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editor. It ranges widely and, in fiction, includes work by Abraham
Cahan, Dorothy Parker, Isaac Bashevis Singer, Leo Rosten, Paul
Goodman, Delmore Schwartz, Bernard Malamud, Isaac Rosen-
feld, Wallace Markfield, Bruce Jay Friedman, Joanne Greenberg,
Hugh Nissenson, Philip Roth and others. There also are critical
essays on Jewish writers, including pieces by Leslie A. Fiedler,
Alfred Kazin, Norman Podhoretz, Philip Roth and Irving Howe.
C h a r y n , J e rom e .
Once Upon a Droshky.
New York: McGraw-Hill,
1964. 222 pp. $4.95.
Jerome Charyn is an original writer who draws on the East Side
and Yiddish-English dialogue in many of his works, stories and
novels alike. His hero here is a veteran Yiddish actor, now retired,
who is evicted from his East Side tenement. In the midst of his
woes, he remembers the rich past when the Yiddish theater
flourished in New York.
C oh en , A r t h u r .
In the Days of Simon Stern.
New York: Random
House, 1973. 465 pp. $8.95. New York: Dell, 1974. $1.75.
Saturated with Jewish knowledge, this novel probes deeply into
the Holocaust psychology and is concerned with a Jewish “mes-
siah,” a millionaire who devotes himself to the survival of the
Jewish people.
E p s te in , S eym ou r .
Caught in T ha t Music.
New York: Viking, 1967.
307 pp. $5.95. New York: Avon, 1974. $1.25.
The story of a sensitive Jew seeking his own identity and secu­
rity in an America preparing to enter World War II.
---- .
Boston: Little Brown, 1964. 308 pp. $4.95. New York: Avon,
1973. $1.25.
The story of an attractive, capable Jewish woman who slides
into spinsterhood, to her own surprise and her family’s dismay.
F r iedm an , B r u c e J a y .
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1962.
192 pp. $3.95.
A sharply-written, funny book about an alienated Jew, be­
wildered by his Jewishness and his inability to live comfortably
among “goyim.” It made Friedman’s reputation as a “black
F r u c h t e r , N o rm an .
Coat Upon a Stick.
New York: Simon and Schus­
ter, 1963. 254 pp. $3.95.
One day of an old Jew’s life is described here by a novelist
in his twenties in his first book. The East Side, the old man’s
son and friends are part of the scene and of the problems as
seen by the main protagonist and author.
Fu ch s , D a n i e l .
The W illiam sburg T rilogy :
Three Novels. New York:
Basic Books, 1961. 916 pp. $7.95. New York: Avon, 1972. $4.95.