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Selected Juvenile Books on
American Jewish Life
A b raham s , R o b e r t
A lfred M ordecai: T he Uncommon Soldier.
Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1959. 188 pp. $3.50.
The divided loyalties of a Civil War major mirrored the con­
flicts of his country, (ages 10-12)
The Commodore: The Adven turous L ife of Uriah P. L evy.
Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1954. 191 pp. $3.50.
Although involved in duels and shipwrecks, Commodore Levy
never lost sight of his Jewish heritage. Inviting reading for ages
10- 12.
Mr. Ben jam in ’s Sword.
Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society,
1948. 183 pp. $3.50.
Exploits and escapes of the Confederate leader, Judah P. Ben­
jamin, during and after the Civil War. (ages 10-12)
A le x a n d e r , L lo y d .
August Bond i: Border Hawk .
Philadelphia: Jewish
Publication Society, 1958. 190 pp. $3.50.
A prize-winning author brings to life August Bondi’s courageous
stand for justice in pre-Civil War Kansas, (ages 10-12)
Aaron Lopez: The Flagship H ope .
Philadelphia: Jewish Publica­
tion Society, 1960. 185 pp. $3.50.
A portrait of Colonial America in the same vibrant style, (ages
A p s le r , A l f r e d .
Louis Fleischner: Western P ioneer.
Illus. by Morton
Garchick. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1960. 180 pp.
Frontier life in the Pacific Northwest, (ages 10-12)
B isk in , M ir iam .
Pattern for a H ero ine: The L ife Story of Rebecca
New York: Union of American Hebrew Congregations,
1967. 121 pp. $3.50.
Was she the model for Sir Walter Scott’s heroine? A romantic
tale that touches on the subject of intermarriage and religious
observance, (ages 10-12)
B lo c k , Irv in .
N e ighbor to The World: The Story of L illian Wald.
Illus. with photos. New York: Thomas Y. Crowell, 1969. 181 pp.