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With pity and discipline, Lillian Wald created the concept of
public health nursing. Her concern for social reform had roots in
her Jewish heritage, (ages 10-13)
B lu e , R o se .
Grandma D id n ’t Wave Back.
Illus. by Ted Lewin. New
York: Watts, 1974. 62 pp. $4.95.
The pleasure and pain of growing up as grandma grows older,
in a warm, contemporary story, (ages 10-12)
B u tw in , F r a n c e s .
T he Jews of America: H istory and Sources.
edited by Arthur C. Blecher. New York: Behrman House, rev.
1973. 151 pp. $3.25 paperbound.
A comprehensive overview with the rare quality of depth and
an emphasis on the meaning—then and now—of the events
described. Well-designed for maximum use of source material and
enjoyment of the excellent photos, (ages 11-13)
C a v a l l o , D ia n e .
T he L ow er East Side: A P ortra it in T im e .
Photos by
Leo Stashin. New York: Crowell-Collier Press, 1971. 134 pp. $6.95.
The glamorous format of this book reveals changing aspects of
a multi-ethnic neighborhood, (ages 10-12)
F a s t , H ow a r d
Haym Salomon: Son of L ibe rty .
Illus. by Eric Simon.
New York: Messner, 1941. 175 pp. $4.95.
A master storyteller creates a perfect feeling of time and place.
After fleeing persecution in Europe, Haym Salomon spared no
effort to advance the cause of freedom, especially religious free­
dom, in revolutionary America, (ages 11-14)
F i t z g e r a ld , J o h n
T he Great Brain.
Illus. by Mercer Mayer. New
York: Dial, 1967. 175 pp. $4.95. Dell paperbound, $.75.
An unforgettable vignette of an immigrant Jewish peddler stands
out among the stories of Mormon and Catholic boyhood in Utah
in the 1890’s, (ages 10-12)
G e l f a n d , R a v in a .
The Freedom of R e lig ion in America.
Lerner Publications, 1969. 86 pp. $3.95.
The inalienable right to religious freedom examined with
brief mention of Jews, (ages 10-12)
G rand , S am u e l .
The Jews Se ttle in N ew Am sterdam , 1654.
New York:
Union of American Hebrew Congregations, 1954. unp. $1.00.
Based on a filmstrip prepared for the American-Jewish Tercen­
tenary celebration, this brief book is still good reading for the
Bicentennial, (ages 11-13).
G r e en sp an , Soph ie .
Westward w ith Fremont: The Story of Solomon
Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1969. 172 pp.
A Sephardic Jew served as a photographer on an expedition
through the Rockies with John Charles Fremont, (ages 10-12)