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H ir s h , M a r i ly n .
Ben Goes In to Business.
New York: Holiday House,
1973. unp. $4.95.
This delightfully illustrated picture book conveys the Jewish
atmosphere of the Lower East Side in the days when ten cents
could start a ten-year-old in business, (ages 7-9)
Ish-Kishor, Jud ith .
Joe l is the Youngest.
Illus. by Jules Gotlieb . New
York: Messner,
1954. 197
Washington Square Press
Archway, paperbound,
Fascinating anecdotes of Sephardic ancestors and little-known
heroes of American Jewish history are interspersed in a family
story, (ages 8-10)
I sh -K ish o r , S u lam i th .
Our Eddie.
New York: Pantheon, 1969. 183 pp.
$4.50. Windward (Random House), paperbound, $.75.
Poignant story of a family emigrating from London to New
York at the turn of the century. The tyrannical father, a Hebrew
teacher and ardent Zionist, can express his affection for his stu­
dents and his people, but is harsh with his own children, (ages 11-
Karp , D eb o r a h .
H eroes of American Jewish H istory .
Illus. with photos.
New York:
1972. 155 pp. $4.75.
Brief sketches of American Jews, written in a chatty style, (ages
K a u n f e r , A l v a n
M a r c ia .
D ilemma: A S timula tion Game.
York: Behrman House and the American Association for Jewish
Education, 1973. $24.95.
This classroom game is an excellent source for grasping the
nature of the organization of the American Jewish community.
The goal is to distribute money for the Jewish Welfare Founda­
tion of Greater Metropolis. Flexible instructions for 13-20 players
elicit creativity, (ages 12-adult)
K la p e rm a n , G i l b e r t
L ibby.
The Story of the Jewish P eop le : Book
4: From the Se ttlem en t of America Through Israel T oday .
by Lorrence F. Bjorklund. New York: Behrman House, 1961.
319 pp. $3.95 paperbound.
America as a center of Jewish life in the context of world Jewish
history, (ages 10-12)
K uhn , L o is H a r r is .
T he W or ld of Jo Davidson.
Illus. by Leonard
Everett Fisher. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 1958.
188 pp. $3.50.
Some of the great sculpture of Jo Davidson derived from his
Jewish background, (ages 10-12)
L e v in g e r ,
E lm a E.
A lb e r t E instein .
New York: Messner,
1947. 174 pp.