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This fictionalized biography clarifies scientific principles and
enumerates the problems encountered by a proclaimed Zionist,
(ages 12-14)
Jewish A dven tu res in America: The Story of Jewish L ife in the
U n ited States.
New York: Bloch, 1958. 250 pp. $3.50.
Selected biographies represent highlights of American Jewish
life from 1654 to 1954. (ages 9-11)
L ev in g e r , L e e
A H istory of the Jews in the Un ited States.
York: Union of American Hebrew Congregations, rev. 1970. 616
pp. $4.90.
The contribution of Jews to the course of American history,
(ages 12-14)
L e v i t a n , T in a .
Jews in American L ife : From 1492 to the Space Age.
New York: Hebrew Publishing Company, 1969. 253 pp. $5.00.
A good source of reference for basic facts, (ages 10-12)
M e l t z e r , M i l t o n .
R em em be r the Days: A Short H istory of the Jewish
Illus. by Harvey Dinnerstein. Garden City, N.Y.: Double­
day (Zenith Books), 1974. 114 pp. cloth, $3.95; paperbound, $1.75.
Less a historical survey than a discussion of the unique Jewish
contribution to the quality of American life, this book emphasizes
the release of creativity crucial to the character of American Jewry,
(ages 12-14)
M er r iam , Eve.
The Voice of L ibe r ty : The Story of Emma Lazarus.
Illus. by Charles Walker. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication So­
ciety, 1959. 188 pp. $3.50.
The famous poetess believed that “to understand one’s Jewish
heritage was to become more deeply American.” (ages 10-13)
M u r ra y , M i c h e l e .
T he Crystal N igh t.
New York: Seabury, 1973.
310 pp. $6.95. Dell, paperbound, $1.25.
The pre-1940 anti-Semitism of Germany reaches into the life of
a Connecticut farm family, (ages 12-14)
N a t h a n , D o r o t h y .
T he Shy One.
Illus. by Carolyn Cather. New York:
Random House, 1966. 179 pp. $3.50. Windward, paperbound, $.75.
Dorothy, the quintessential shy child, feels uncomfortable with
the foreign customs of her Russian relatives in Oregon in the
1920’s, (ages 8-10)
P e a r e , C a t h e r in e Ow en s .
The Louis D. Brandeis Story.
New York:
Thomas Y. Crowell, 1970. 297 pp. $4.50.
By battling for the Zionist cause, a great lawyer gave wider ex­
pression to the American ideals of democracy and social justice,
(ages 12-14)
P essin , D e b o r a h .
H istory of the Jews in America.
Illus. by Ruth