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Gikow. New York: United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Edu­
cation, 1957. 317 pp. $3.75 paperbound.
A strong section on the modern period distinguishes this read­
able narrative, (ages 12-14)
R ie g e r , Sh ay .
Our Family.
Illus. with photos. New York: Lothrop, Lee
and Shepard, 1972. 64 pp. $4.95.
The artist relays the joy and devotion of three generations of
her family through photographs of sculpture in clay, bronze, and
marble, (ages 5-8)
S a n t a l o , L o is .
T he W ind D ies at Sunrise.
Indianapolis: Bobbs-
Merrill, 1965. 207 pp. $3.95.
Acts of discrimination, both subtle and overt, affect the evolving
social conscience of a non-Jewish girl, (ages 11-13)
S u h l , Yur i.
E loquen t Crusader: Ernestine Rose.
1970. 188 pp. $3.95.
Fighting for women’s rights in the nineteenth century, Ernestine
Rose also spoke out against the oppression of Jews, (ages 12-14)
T a y l o r , Sydn ey .
All-of-a-kind Family.
Illus. by Helen John. New
York: Follett, 1951. 189 pp. $4.95. Yearling (Dell) paperbound,
Five sisters and their little brother grow up on New York’s
Lower East Side in this well-loved classic of Jewish family life.
The three sequels round out a full cycle of Jewish holidays with
the Americana of maypoles and firecrackers, followed by the in­
evitable move uptown. The sequels are:
All-of-a-Kind Family
D own tow n , More All-of-a-Kind Family,
All-of-a-Kind Family
U p town ,
(ages 8-10)
W is e , W i l l i a m .
M yer Myers: Silversm ith of O ld N ew York.
Illus. by
Leonard Everett Fisher. Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society,
1959. 188 pp. $3.50.
The role of a craftsman, patriot, and committed Jew in the
nascent American Revolution, (ages 10-12)