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Without exact date: Joel Mueller.
January: 2, Ahad ha-Am; 10, Yehoash; 19, Simon Markus; 29, Wilhelm
February: 2, Solomon Buber; 3, Joseph Bentwich; 21, Dov Sadan,
Baruch Spinoza; 24, Solomon Mandelkern, Isaac Jacob Weiss; 29,
Jacob Nahum Epstein.
March: 6, Isidore Cahen; 20, Abraham Shalom Friedberg.
April: 8, Akiba Ren-Ezra; 19, Meir Simon Geshuri; 22,
Jewish Daily
May: 9, Moses PhilippsonArnswalde; 11, Asher I. Myers.
June: 10, Samson Modon; 22, Joseph Shapiro; 29, Moses Belinfante,
Abrahem Menes.
July: 1, Elias J. Bickerman, Abraham Simon Wolf Rosenbach; 4,
Ben Zion Bokser; 5, Judah Leon Magnes; 20, Reuben Alcalay; 31,
Benjamin Szold.
August: 12, David Bergelson, Itzik Feffer, David Hofstein, Leib
Kvitko, Peretz Markish; 15, Nissan Touroff; 29, First Zionist
September: 2, Isaac Sela; 19, Leo Herzberg-Fraenkel; 20, Suessman
Muntner; 24, Aryeh Tartakower; 27, Abraham G. Duker.
October: 4, Shlomo Shunami; 26, Hyman Enelow; 30, Michael Wilen-
November: 22, Michael Higger.
December: 2, Hayyim Zeev Reines, Jacob Rimon; 5, Gershom Scho-
lem; 8, Abraham Epstein, Samuel Van Straalen.
A h a d h a -Am
(Asher Ginzberg). 50th anniversary of death. Born in
Skvira, Ukraine, 1856, died in Tel-Aviv, January 2, 1927. Expounder
of cultural Zionism in the Hebrew periodicals
the latter being edited by him for a number of
years, he is considered a major thinker of modern Judaism. Critical
of the movement led by Herzl, he thought that the spiritual regen­
eration of the Jewish people should have the first priority. Living
in London for a number of years, before settling in Palestine in
1922, he continued to write his many essays. His
Selected Essays
in English translation appeared first in 1912 and have been re­
printed several times, along with
Ten Essays on Zionism and
(1922, 1973).
R eub en A l c a l a y .
70th birthday. Born in Jerusalem, July 20, 1907.
Trained as a teacher he was a translator for the mandatory govern­
ment of Palestine and with the establishment of the State of Israel