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became head of the publications department of Israel and editor
of the
Israel Government Yearbook.
He also has been the author
of several dictionaries, among them the largest Hebrew-English
and English-Hebrew dictionaries available at present. He also
was co-author of
Words of the Wise
(1970), a collection of Jewish
proverbs in Hebrew and English. In addition he has translated
many popular works from English into Hebrew.
Moses B e l i n f a n t e .
150th anniversary of death. Born in The Hague
in 1761, died there June 29, 1827. He edited the first Dutch Jewish
(1806-1808) and prepared many religious texts
for school children in Dutch, some of them translated from the
German and the Hebrew. He also coedited a Sephardic prayer-
book with Dutch translation.
A k ib a B en -E z ra .
80th birthday. Born in Gorodets, Russia, April 8, 1897.
In the United States since 1914, he has been active as a teacher
of Hebrew, has published texts for children, also biographies of
rabbis in Hebrew, as well as edited a memorial volume about
his home town community in Yiddish. For a number of years he
prepared a useful bibliography of Hebrew books published in
this country for the Hebrew weekly
Jo s e p h B e n tw ic h .
75th birthday, Born in London, February 3, 1902.
Coming from a Zionist family he settled in Palestine in 1924 and
was involved in the educational system of die country throughout
his life, serving as assistant director of the department of educa­
tion under the mandate until 1948, when he became principal of
the renowned Bet Sefer Reali in Haifa. He later lectured at the
Hebrew University. In addition to text-books of the English
language for Hebrew speaking students he wrote
Education in
D av id B e rg e ls o n .
25th anniversary of death. Born in the Ukraine in
1884, killed in Siberia, August 12, 1952. One of the outstanding
Soviet Jewish prose writers in Yiddish, he eventually was liquidated
along with a number of other Yiddish writers in the last year of
Stalin's life. Later he was rehabilitated and his works were re­
printed, some in Russian translation.
E l i a s
B ick e rm a n .
80th birthday. Born in Kishinev, Russia, July 1,
1897. A graduate of Russian and German universities, he taught
at the University of Berlin in the 1920s, in Paris in the 1930s, and
served as professor of ancient history at Columbia University from
1952-1967. At present he is associated with the Jewish Theological
Seminary of America in New York. Among his Jewish writings in
English are
The Maccabees
From Ezra to the Last of the