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(1962), and
Four Strange Books of the Bible: Jonah,
Daniel, Koheleth, Esther
B en Z ion B o k s e r .
70th birthday. Born in Lubani, Poland, July 4, 1907.
A prominent Conservative rabbi in the New York area for many
years, he has written both popular and scholarly studies in Judaism.
A special monograph was his
From the World of the Cabbalah;
The Philosophy of Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague
(1954). A de­
votional work was
The Gifts of Life and Love; a Treasury of
(1973). He likewise has edited traditional prayer-
books with English translations and a new translation of the
Pirke Avot, the popular Ethics of the Fathers.
S o lom o n B u b e r .
150th anniversary of birth. Born in Lemberg, Galicia,
February 2, 1827, died there in 1906. A successful businessman,
who served as president of the chamber of commerce of his city,
he devoted most of his leisure to Hebrew literary studies. He pre­
pared biographies of the rabbis of Lemberg and Zolkiew, in part
on the basis of tombstone inscriptions. His most important service
to Jewish scholarship, however, was the editing of numerous
midrashic texts with careful annotations and comparisons with
the various manuscripts extant, many of which he himself had
acquired. His grandson was Martin Buber, who had lived widi
him in his younger years.
I s id o re C a h e n .
75th anniversary of death. Born in Paris in 1826, died
there March 6, 1902. A professor of philosophy at a French college
for a number of years, he eventually took over the editorship of
the French Jewish periodical,
Archives Israelites,
which had been
founded by his father. He carried on this work for over 40 years.
He also contributed a commentary to the Book of Job in the
French Jewish edition of the Bible, edited by his father.
A bkah am
D u k e r .
70th birthday. Born in Rypin, Poland, September
27, 1907. For many years on the staff of the American Jewish
Committee, for which he edited numerous publications particular­
ly during World War II, he was for a number of years president
of the College of Jewish Studies in Chicago and director of libraries
at Yeshiva University. In 1974 he edited a large work
tion and Counter-Emancipation,
dealing with the fate of the
Jews in the last century and a half. He also wrote special studies
on the history of the Jews in Poland and Russia.
H ym an E n e low .
100th anniversary of birth. Born in Kovno, October
26, 1877, died at sea in 1934. In the United States since 1893 he
was ordained at the Hebrew Union College and eventually be­
came rabbi at Temple Emanuel in New York. In addition to