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in 1896, and since then reprinted several times. In spite of some
errors this work has so far not been superseded.
P e r e t z M a rk i sh .
25th anniversary of death. Born in Volhynia in 1895,
killed in Siberia, August 12, 1952.
versatile Yiddish writer,
producing drama, poetry, and fiction, who had received the Order
of Lenin, he nevertheless was liquidated with the other Yiddish
writers. Upon his posthumous rehabilitation his reissued works
in Yiddish and Russian exhibited complete support of the Soviet
Sim on M a rk u s .
80th birthday. Born near Lodz, Poland, January 19,
1897. After teaching in Bulgaria and in the rabbinical seminary
in Rhodes, he spent World War II in Russia and emigrated to
Israel in 1949. His researches have dealt with the history of the
Jews in the Balkans, also with the Ladino language. His works
have appeared in Hebrew, German, Bulgarian, and Ladino.
A b r a h am M enes.
80th birthday. Born in Grodno, Poland, June 29,
1897. For many years he was active in the work of YIVO in
Europe and settled in the United States in 1940. He edited the
Yiddish encyclopedia and its English counterpart,
The Jewish
Encyclopedic Handbooks,
a collection of longer studies on topics
of Jewish interest.
Sam son M odon .
250th anniversary of death. Born in Mantua in 1679,
died there June 10, 1727. He was one of the first modern Hebrew
poets. Although his output was rather small, his early attempt at
this genre, then not very common, assures him a place in the
history of modern Hebrew literature.
. 150th anniversary of birth. Bom in Ungarish Ostra,
Moravia, Austria-Hungary, in 1827, died in Berlin in 1895.
Receiving both a Jewish traditional and a modern education, he
served first as rabbi in Austria-Hungary and eventually became
an intructor at the liberal rabbinical seminary in Berlin. He is
best known for several editions of the Geonic responsa, which
have been reprinted in recent years.
Suessman M u n t e r .
80th birthday. Born in Kolomea, Galicia, September
20, 1897. A physician, who has been living in Jerusalem since 1933,
he was professor of the history of medicine at the Hebrew Univer­
sity. His major contribution has been the Hebrew translation of
Maimonides’s medical writings, originally written in Arabic.
A s h e r
M y e r s .
75th anniversary of death. Born in London in 1848,
died there May 11, 1902. First part owner of the
The Jewish
he eventually joined the management of
The Jewish
and helped make it the outstanding Jewish journal in
the English-speaking world that it has remained to the present day.