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of the traditional text. He also wrote several religious school texts
and a Hebrew commentary on the Book of Job. His daughter was
Henrietta Szold, the founder of Hadassah, the Women’s Zionist
Organization of America.
A r y e h T a r t a k o w e r .
80th birthday. Born in Brody, Galicia, September
24, 1897.
school administrator in Poland and a lecturer in so­
ciology at the Hebrew University, he has written much in the
field of the sociology of the Jewish people in many languages.
His major work in English has been a book on the Jewish refugee
during World War II. In Hebrew he wrote about the Jewish
labor movement.
N issan T o u r o f f .
100th anniversary of bhth. Born near Minsk, Russia,
August 15, 1877, died in New York in 1953. In 1907 he came to
Jaffa to direct a girl’s school there and published an educational
periodical in Palestine at the end of World War I. He then
emigrated to America to serve as the first dean of the Hebrew
Teachers College in Boston, where he established the pedagogical
Shevile ha-Hinukh.
Later he was called to become pro­
fessor at the Jewish Institute of Religion in New York. For a
while he also taught at the Hebrew University. Most of his writings,
nearly all in Hebrew, dealt with educational problems and the
method to educate young Jews to Zionism to bring about a
national rebirth. He translated many educational and psychologi­
cal works into Hebrew.
S am u e l V a n S t r a a l e n .
75th anniversary of death. Born in Gouda,
Holland, died in London, December 8, 1902. He succeeded Joseph
Zedner as Hebrew librarian at the British Museum in 1873. His
major work was a supplement to Zedner’s
Catalogue of Hebrew
in 1894. He likewise worked as translator of many works
from other languages into English.
Is a a c J a c o b W e isz .
75th birthday. Born in Dolina, Poland, February
24, 1902. For a number of years a rabbi and rabbinic scholar in
Hungary and Romania, he survived the Holocaust to become
senior dayan of the Bet Din in Manchester, England. Since 1967
he has been living in Israel. Recently he published the third
edition of his collection of responsa in five volumes, in which he
gives autobiographical details and also tells about his experiences
during the Holocaust. He has written a volume of weekly homilies
in Hebrew.
M i c h a e l W i l e n s k y .
100th anniversary of borth. Born in Kremenchug,
Ukraine, October 30, 1877, died in Cincinnati, Ohio, in 1955.
After getting a doctorate in mathematics in Switzerland before