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American Jewish Non-Fiction Books
A l l o n , Y i g a l .
My father’s house.
Trans, from the Hebrew by Reuven
Ben-Yosef. New York, W. W. Norton 8c Co., 1976. 204 p.
Autobiographical account.
A l r o y , G i l C a r l .
Behind the Middle East conflict: the real impasse
between Arab and Jew.
New York, G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1975.
317 p.
---- .
The Kissinger experience: American policy in the Middle East.
New York, Horizon Press, 1975. 189 p.
A l t e r , R o b e r t ,
Modern Hebrew literature.
New York, Behrman
House, 1975. 398 p.
Selection of Hebrew fiction and non-fiction prose of the 19th
and 20th centuries, including contemporary Israeli writers.
American Jewish yearbook, vol. 76.
Ed. by Milton Himmelfarb and
Morris Fine. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society; New York,
American Jewish Committee, 1975. 613 p.
A r i o n , A s h e r ,
The elections in Israel—1973.
Jerusalem, Academic
Press, 1975. 316 p.
Studies dealing with various aspects of the political campaign
preceding the election, and voters’ attitudes.
A r k in , M a rcu s .
Aspects of Jewish economic history.
Jewish Publication Society, 1975. 271 p.
Essays on Jewish contributions to economic progress from early
biblical times through modern history.
A u e rb a c h , E l ia s .
Trans, and ed. by I. O. Lehman and
R . A .
Barclay. Detroit, Wayne State University Press, 1975. 253 p.
Critical study of the historicity of Moses.
A v i-Y o n a h , M i c h a e l .
Jerusalem the holy.
New York, Schocken Books,
1976. 130 p.
Photographic presentation with brief history.
— , ed.
Encyclopedia of archeological excavations in the Holy Land.
Jerusalem, Israel Exploration Society and Massada Press. Vol. 1,
1975, Vol. 2, 1976. 647 p.
Information assembled from hundreds of books and articles
previously published.
* A number o f books published abroad are also included.