Page 122 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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Elaborates allegation that all American Negroes are “Children
of the prophets” (Hebrew Israelites) destined to save mankind
from destruction.
B e rk , F red ,
The Chasidic dance.
New York, Union of American
Hebrew Congregations and American Zionist Youth Foundation,
1975. 64 p.
Collection of articles describing Hasidic dances with illustra­
tions and choreographic instructions.
B e rkm a n , T ed .
The lady and the law: the remarkable life of Fanny
Boston, Little, Brown, 1976. 403 p.
Biography of the renowned Jewish jurist.
B e r k o v i t s , E l i e z e r .
Crisis and faith.
New York, Sanhedrin Press, 1976.
180 p.
Essays on contemporary Jewish problems, e.g. parental guidance,
Jewish law, women in society, state of Judaism in the 1970-ies.
B e rm a n , H e n r y B.
Have I got a joke for you!
New York, Hart Pub­
lishing, 1975. 192 p. Paperbound.
Collection of Jewish jokes.
B e rm a n t , C h a im .
London’s East Side: point of arrival.
New York,
Macmillan, 1975. 292 p.
Describes successive waves of immigration, including Jews from
Eastern Europe, whose first base was London’s East Side.
B ic k e rm a n , E l ia s .
Studies in Jewish and Christian history: part one.
Leiden, Brill, 1976. 288 p.
Collection of previously published essays, French and English,
on Jewish and Christian history.
B ik e rm a n , Jo s e p h ,
B ik e rm an , J a c o b J .
Two Bikermans: auto­
biographies by. . . .
New York, Vantage Press, 1975. 209 p.
B irn b aum . P h i l ip .
The Birnbaum Haggadah.
New York, Hebrew
Publishing Co., 1975. 187 p.
Hebrew text complete with English translation, explanatory
notes, musical notes for Seder songs, and Talmudic references.
---- .
A Book of Jewish concepts:
revised edition. New York, Hebrew
Publishing Co., 1975. 722 p.
Encyclopedia of concepts concerning various aspects of Judaism
and Jewish life.
B l a u , Jo s e p h
Judaism in America: from curiosity to third faith
Chicago, University of Chicago Press, 1976. 156 p.
Analysis of the impact upon Judaism of the cultural and
religious environment of America.
B l id s t e in , G e r a ld .
Honor thy father and mother.
New York,
1975. 234 p.