Page 124 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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C o h e n ,
Everyman's Talmud.
Introduction by Boaz Cohen. New
York, Schocken Books, 1975. 446 p. Paperbound reprint.
C o h e n , A h a r o n .
Israel and the Arab world:
abridged edition. Boston,
Beacon Press, 1976. 403 p. Paperbound.
C o h e n , Jo s e p h .
Journey to the trenches: the life of Isaac Rosenberg,
York, Basic Books, 1975. 224 p.
Study on Isaac Rosenberg, gifted poet and painter.
C o h e n , N aom i
American Jews and the Zionist idea.
N ew
Ktav, 1975. 172 p.
Study on the role of Zionism in the life of American Jewry
from 1897 to 1967 and its interaction with American governmental
C om a y , J o a n .
The Temple of Jerusalem.
New York, Holt, Rinehart &
Winston, 1975. 272 p.
Describes central significance of the Temple on Mt. Moriah in
the religious tradition and history of the Jewish people.
complete concordance to Flavius Josephus: Volume II: E—K.
Ed. by
Karl Heinrich Regenstorf. Leiden, Brill, 1975. 549 p.
C o o k , J am e s
I., ed.,
Grace upon grace: essays in honor of Lester J.
Grand Rapids., Mich., William B. Erdman’s, 1975. 154 p.
Studies on various theological and linguistic topics in the Bible.
C o p e la n d , R o b e r t
M., and
Suskind, N a t h a n ,
The language of
Herz’s Esther: a study in Judeo-German dialectology.
University of Alabama Press, 1976. 439 p.
Linguistic analysis of the popular 19th century comic drama
C o v e y , C o c lo n e .
Calalus: a Roman Jewish colony in America from
the times of Charlemagne through Alfred the Great.
New York,
Vantage Press, 1975. 190 p.
Based upon interpretation of archeological artifacts, the work
offers the theory of a Jewish colony in America long before
Columbus’ voyage.
C r e n s h a w , J am e s
Hymnic affirmation of divine justice: the doxolo-
gies of Amos and related texts in the Old Testament.
University of Montana Scholars Press, 1975. 178 p.
C ros s , F r a n k M o o r e ,
T a lm o n S i iem a r y a h u ,
Qumran and
the history of the Biblical text.
Cambridge, Harvard University
Press, 1975. 415 p.
Collection of essays, following the discoveries of the Qumran
manuscripts, which highlight new insights and new approaches
in critical studies of the Biblical text.