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Eisin, N a a v a .
The working woman in Israel.
Tel Aviv, Histadrut, 1975.
112 p.
Describes status of Israeli women in labor and social legislation,
and collective agreements.
E lk in s ,
P e r e t z .
Shepherd of Jerusalem: a biography of Rabbi
Abraham Isaac Kook.
New York, Shengold, 1975. 136 p.
E lo n , M en ach em .
The principles of Jewish law.
Jerusalem, Keter,
1975. 866 p.
Essays on all subjects of Jewish civil and criminal law reprinted
Encyclopaedia Judaica
in eight sections, with introduction
by editor, extensive index, and list of original contributors.
E n g la rd , Izh ak .
Religious law in the Israel legal system.
Hebrew University Faculty of Law, 1975. 243 p.
Based upon a number of articles previously published in
the work deals with the complex problem of the interplay
between State Law and Religious Law.
E p p le r , E l i z a b e t h E.,
International bibliography of Jewish affairs
1966-1967: a select annotated list of books and articles published
outside Israel.
New York, Holmes 8c Meier, 1975. 375 p.
First volume of projected bibliographic annual by the Institute
of Jewish Affairs, including all types of materials except religious
studies and belles lettres.
Eretz-Israel archeological, historical and geographical studies: vol.
twelve: Nelson Glueck memorial volume.
Jerusalem, Israel Explora­
tion Society in cooperation with The Hebrew Union College/
Jewish Institute of Religion, 1975. 125, 211 p.
Essays in American Jewish history: To commemorate the tenth an­
niversary of the founding of the American Jewish Archives under
the direction of Jacob Rader Marcus.
N. Y., Ktav, 1975. 534 pp.
New edition.
F ab e r , S a lam o n .
Judaica libraries and literature.
New York, Marcel
Dekker, Inc., 1975. 66 p. Paperbound.
Offprint from volume 13 of
Encyclopedia of Library and Infor­
mation Science,
pp. 325-391, describing currently existing library
collections of Judaica materials, and development of Jewish litera­
ture since biblical times.
The Fathers according to Rabbi Nathan: version B.
Trans, and com­
mentary by Anthony J. Saldarini. Leiden, Brill, 1975. 333 p.
F e ldm an , D av id
Marital relations, birth control, and abortion in
lewish Law.
New York, Schocken, 1974. 322 p. Paperback edition.
F ie ld , L e s l i e
A., and
F ie ld , J o y c e
W., eds.
Bernard Malamud: a col­
lection of critical essays.
Englewood Cliffs, Prentice-Hall, 1975.
179 p.