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F isch , H a r o l d .
S. Y. Agnon.
New York, Frederick Ungar, 1975. 132 p.
Critical introduction to Agnon’s works.
F ishb an e , M i c h a e l
A., and
F l o h r , P a u l
R., eds.
Texts and responses:
studies presented to Nahum N. Glatzer on the occasion of his
seventieth birthday.
Leiden, Brill, 1975. 325 p.
Volume includes bibliography of Glatzer’s writings.
F l e e r , G e d a l i a h .
Rabbi Nachman’s fire: an introduction to Breslover
New York, Sepher-Hermon Press, 1975. 110 p.
F le g , Edmond.
Why I am a Jew.
New York, Bloch, 1975. 100 p.
Manifesto of faith which brought Fleg back to Judaism, edited
anew for the third time.
F l e i s c h n e r , Eva.
Judaism in German Christian theology since 1945:
Christianity and Israel considered in terms of mission.
N.J., Scarecrow Press, 1975. 205 p.
Study of Christian thought concerning Israel and Judaism, the
Synagogue and the Jewish experience.
M a r v in ,
Modern Jewish ethics: theory and practice.
Ohio State University, 1975. 262 p.
Proceedings of first conference of Institute for Judaism and
Contemporary Thought.
F r a e n k e l , L ou is
H e n r y .
Forgotten fragments of the history of an
old Jewish family.
Copenhagen, Denmark, Forlaget Henry Fraen­
kel, 1975.
Collection of historical data, translated from Danish by Malene
Woodman, relating to activities by prominent Jewish spokesmen
in the 17th and 18th centuries, some of whose
genealogies are traced to the present.
F r a n k l , L udw ig A u g u s t .
The Jews in the East.
Westport, Conn.,
Greenwood Press, 1975. 2 vols. 352 p., 390 p.
Reprint of 1859 edition published in London by Hurst and
F r a z e r , J am e s G e o rg e .
Folklore in the Old Testament: studies
comparative religion, legend, and law.
N.Y., Hart, 1975. 482 p.
Paperbound reprint.
F r iedm an ,
Pogromchik: the assasination of Simon Petlura.
N ew
York, Hart, 1976. 414 p.
Based upon examination of the trial proceedings in Paris and
other pertinent data, the work deals with the horrors of anti-
Jewish pogroms during Petlura’s rule in Ukrainia.
G a r l in s k i , J o z e f .
Fighting Auschwitz: the resistance movement in the
concentration camp.
Greenwich, Conn., Fawcett, 1975. 416 p.