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Gates of prayer: the new union prayerbook.
Ed. by Chaim Stern. New
York, Central Conference of American Rabbis, 1975. 779 p.
G e l b e r , S. M i c h a e l .
Job stands up: the biblical text of the Book of
Job arranged for the theater.
New York, Union of American
Hebrew Congregations, 1975. 139 p.
G e r v a s i , F r a n k .
Adolph Hitler.
New York, Hawthorn, 1975. 279 p.
Brief biography of the nazi dictator.
---- .
Thunder over the Mediterranean.
New York, David McKay,
1975. 528 p.
Account of the Yom Kippur War with special consideration of
its disturbing psychological effects upon Israel.
G in sb u rgh , I rw in .
First man
then, Adam!: scientific interpretation of
the Book of Genesis.
Morton Grove, 111., Dearbon Press, 1975. 122 p.
Theory that science and the Bible describe identical beginnings
of creation.
G l a n z , R u d o l f .
The Jewish woman in America: two female immigrant
generations 1820-1929: vol. I: the Eastern European Jewish woman.
New York, Ktav/National Council of Jewish Women, 1976. 209 p.
Documented study of the roles of Jewish female immigrants
from Eastern Europe and their adjustments to the American
G o e l l , Y o h a i ,
Bibliography of modern Hebrew literature in
Tel Aviv, Institute for the Translation of Hebrew
Literature, 1975. 117 p.
A bibliography of books translated into twenty-five languages
from Hebrew literature since 1917.
G o l a n , M a t t i .
The secret conversations of Henry Kissinger: step-by-
step diplomacy in the Middle East.
Trans, by Ruth Geyra Stern
and Sol Stern. New York, Quadrangle, 1976. 280 p.
Detailed account of the tense background in Israel immediately
preceding the Yom Kippur War, its evolution through the cease­
fire, and troubled negotiations that followed.
G o ld f a r b , Sam.
Citizen Goldfarb.
Hollywood, Fla., Operation Truth,
1975. 256 p. Paperbound.
Autobiography written with a view to promote the philosophy
of democracy.
G o ldm a n , I s r a e l M.
Lifelong learning among Jews: adult education
in Judaism from Biblical times to the twentieth century.
York, Ktav, 1975. 364 p.
Comprehensive work dealing with the meaning and ramifica­
tions of adult learning throughout Jewish history.
G oodm an , L e n n E van ,
ed. and trans.
Rambam: readings in the philoso­
phy of Moses Maimonides.
New York, Viking, 1976. 444 p.