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H a y , M a l c o lm .
Thy brother's blood: the roots of Christian anti-
. New York,
H a rt ,
1975. 356 p.
Hebrew Union College: vol. 45.
Ed. by Sheldon Blank. Cincinnati,
Hebrew Union College Press, 1975. 332, 40 p.
H e c h t , A b r a h am
Spiritual freedom.
New York, GMT Typographic,
1975. 208 p.
Selection of sermons and essays.
H e i k a l , M oham ed .
The road to Ramadan.
New York, Quadrangle,
1975. 285 p.
Data illustrating the internal workings of the Arab world, and
the role of the superpowers in the Arab-Israeli conflict.
H e in em ann , Jo s e p h ,
ed., with
P e tu c h o w s k i , J a k o b J .
Literature of the
New York, Behrman, 1975. 304 p.
Anthology of Jewish liturgy, ancient Rabbinic sermons, and
sacred poetry of the Middle Ages, with analysis and commentaries
by the editors.
H e i tzm an n , W i l l i a m R a y .
Americati Jewish voting behavior: a
history and analysis.
San Francisco, R. 8c E Research Associates,
1975. 121 p. Paperbound.
Analysis of political behavior of American Jewry.
H e r rm a n ,
A history of the Jews in South Africa from the earliest
times to 1895.
Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 1975. 288 p.
Reprint of 1935 edition published in Johannesburg by the
South African Jewish Board of Deputies.
H e rzo g , C h a im .
The war of atonement, October, 1973.
Boston, Little,
Brown 8c Co., 1975. 300 p.
Comprehensive analysis of the military aspects of the Yom
Kippur War, its influence on emerging political trends and new
H e rzo g , Y a a c o v .
A people that dwells alone.
New York, Sanhedrin
Press, 1975. 283 p.
Collection of author’s speeches and articles dealing with the
State of Israel and Jewish history.
H e s c h e l , A b r a h am J o s h u a .
The Sabbath: its meaning for modern man.
New York, Farrar, Straus 8c Giroux, 1975. 118 p. Paperbound
---- .
The Wisdom of Heschel.
Selected by Ruth Marcus Goodhill.
New York, Farrar, Straus 8c Giroux, 1975. 368 p.
Inspirational guide based upon passages from Heschel’s writ­
H i r s c h , Sam son R a p h a e l .
From the ivisdom of Mishle.
New York,
Feldheim, 1976. 260 p.