Page 131 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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Author’s essays on various themes in the biblical book Mishle,
originally published in the German language periodical
The history of Israel and biblical faith in honor of John Bright.
terpretation April 1975). Richmond, Va., Interpretation, 1975.
108 p.
H ow e , I r v in g ,
G re e n b e rg , E l i e z e r ,
Voices from the Yiddish:
essays, memoirs, diaries.
New York, Schocken Books, 1975. 340 p.
Paperbound reprint.
Anthology of the cultural interests of the Yiddish speaking
people in America and Europe.
H ow e , I r v in g
with the assistance of
L ibo , K e n n e th .
World of our
New York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1976. 714 p.
Projects broad historical view of Jewish immigrants from
Eastern Europe in the decades 1880-1920, their acculturation and
socio-cultural impact upon America.
Is a a c , R a e l J e a n .
Israel divided: ideological politics in the Jewish
Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University, 1976. 227 p.
Examination of the crucial role played at present by extremist
political movements in Israel.
The Israelites.
New York, Time-Life Books, 1975. 159 p.
Part of the series “The Emergence of man,” richly illustrated,
dealing with the anthropological and historical origins of the
Israelites, and the role religion played in their emergence.
Jab e s , Edmond.
The book of questions.
Trans, from the French by
Rosmarie Waldrop. Middletown, Conn., Wesleyan University,
1976. 175 p.
Poetic reflections and comments in Rabbinic language related
to the experience of two young lovers during the nazi deporta­
J a b o t in s k y ,
The Jewish war front.
Westport, Conn., Greenwood
Press, 1975. 255 p.
Reprint of 1940 edition published in London by G. Allen &
J a c k s o n , B e r n a rd
Essays in Jewish and comparative legal history.
Leiden, Brill, 1975. 288 p.
Collection of previously published materials on aspects of
early Jewish civil and criminal law.
J a c o b , W a l t e r .
Christianity through Jewish eyes: the quest for common
New York, Hebrew Union College Press; Ktav Publishing
House, 1975. 284 p.
Study of various Jewish attitudes to Christianity.