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B a r o n , L e o r a .
Hebrew with Kishon.
New York, Hebrew
Publishing Co., 1975. 198 p.
Hebrew textbook based upon Kishon's satires.
K l a r s f e l d , B e a t e .
Wherever they may be!
Trans, from the French
Monroe Stearns and Natali Gerardi. New York, Vanguard, 1975.
344 p.
Author’s actions against former nazis.
K l e in , Is aac .
Responsa and halakhic studies.
New York, Ktav, 1975.
190 p.
Collection of essays dealing with aspects of Jewish law, e.g.
abortion, civil marriage, medical ethics, dietary laws, etc.
K o b le r , F ra n z .
Napoleon and the Jews.
New York, Schocken Books,
1976. 220 p.
Study of Napoleon’s attitudes and policies toward the Jewish
K o rn , B e r t r a m W a l l a c e ,
A bicentennial festschrift for Jacob
Rader Marcus.
Waltham, Mass., American Jewish Historical So­
ciety, New York, Ktav, 1976. 633 p.
Essays covering the broad spectrum of American Jewish history
from the Colonial period to contemporary Jewish life.
K r am e r , S y d e l l e ,
M a su r , J e n n y ,
Jewish grandmothers.
Beacon Press, 1976. 174 p.
Autobiographic accounts of ten Jewish women whose lives
reflect a generation’s history.
K u rzm an , D an .
The race for Rome.
New York, Doubleday, 1975.
488 p.
Journalistic account of the Allies' competitive moves to recap­
ture Rome from the Germans during World War II, including
information about the Jewish community, Rabbi Zolli, and the
pope’s attitude toward Roman Jewry.
K u sh n e r , L a w r e n c e .
The book of letters.
New York, Harper
1975. 64 p.
Midrashic-kabbalistic commentary on the 22 letters of the
Hebrew alphabet, reading ethical data into their shapes, names
and order of sequence.
L a n c e r , L a w r e n c e L .
The Holocaust and the literary imagination.
New Haven, Yale University, 1975. 300 p.
Work describes and analyses various types of literature on
themes of the Holocaust which appeared since the end of World
War II.
L a q u e u r , W a l t e r .
A history of Zionism.
New York, Schocken Books,
1976. 640 p. Paperbound reprint.