Page 135 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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---- , ed.
The Israel—Arab reader:
3rd ed. New York, Bantam, 1976.
585 p. Paperbound.
L a r s e n , E la in e .
New York, Hastings House, 1976. 175
p .
Illustrated introduction to Israel, the land and the people.
L a y is h , A h a r o n .
Women and Islamic Law in a non-Muslim state: a
study based on decisions of the Shari’a courts in Israel.
Israel Universities Press, 1975. 369 p.
Work examines influence of the Kneset’s legislation upon the
socio-legal status of Arab women.
L a z a ru s -Y a fe h , H a v a .
Studies in Al-Ghazzali.
Jerusalem, Magnes Press,
1975. 542 p.
Work dealing with special problems in Al-Ghazzali's writings,
including chapter on Jews and Christianity.
L ebeson , A n i t a L ibm an .
Pilgrim people: updated edition.
New York,
Minerva Press, 1975. 651 p. Paperbound.
L e h rm a n n , C h a r l e s C .
Jewish influences on European thought.
from the French by George Klin and from the German by Victor
Carpenter. Cranbury, N.J., Associated University Presses, 1976.
323 p.
Series of essays tracing the Jewish contribution to European
thought from the Judeo-Arabic period through the 20th century.
L e im an , Sid Z.
The Canonization of Hebrew Scripture: the Talmudic
and Midrashic evidence.
Hamden, Connecticut Academy of Arts
and Sciences, 1976. 234 p.
Examination of the criteria for inclusion of books in the
Hebrew Bible.
L enczow sk i , G e o rg e ,
Political elites in the Middle East.
ton, D.C., American Enterprise Institute, 1975. 227 p. Paperbound.
Description of elite groups in nine areas of the Middle East
currently responsible for policy decisions.
L even son , Sam.
You can say that again, Sam!
New York, Pocket Books,
1975. 159 p.
Selections from the author’s wit.
L e v i t a n , E l s i e ; R o s e n f e ld , M ax ,
K a t z , Bass.
Haggadah for a
secular celebration of Pesach.
Philadelphia, Sholom Aleichem
Club, 1975. 64 p.
Illustrated text for secular Jews who seek to strengthen their
identity through cultural insights, including materials on the
Holocaust, uprising in the Warsaw ghetto, Israel, Hebrew and
Yiddish melodies.
L e v i t t , R u t h .
George Eliot, the Jewish connection.
Jerusalem, Massada,
1975. 160 p.