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M a r a t e k , J a c o b .
The Samurai of Vishogrod: the notebooks of Jacob
Retold by Shimon and Anita Wincelberg. Philadelphia,
Jewish Publication Society, 1976. 207 p.
Excerpts from author’s Yiddish memoirs.
M a rcu s , J a c o b
R., ed.
Jews and the American Revolution: a bicen­
tennial documentary.
Cincinnati, American Jewish Archives, 1975.
269 p. Paperbound.
Selection of documents which reflect the Jews' identification
with and involvement in America.
M a rk , B e r .
Uprising in the Warsaw ghetto.
New York, Schocken,
1975. 209 p.
Day to day report of the events during the uprising, April 19th
through the end of June, 1943.
M a z a r , B e n jam in , assisted b y G a a l y a h C o r n f e l d .
The mountain of
the Lord.
G a rd en C ity ,
D oub leday ,
1975. 304 p.
Detailed illustrated account of archeological activities since 1967
around the Temple mountain and the “City of David” in Jeru­
Medieval Jewish life: studies from the Proceedings of The American
Academy for Jewish Research.
Selected and with an introduction
by Robert Chazan. New York, Ktav, 1976. 463 p.
Collection of essays dealing with methodological statements,
political and social history, and intellectual history.
M e i r , G o ld a .
My life.
New York,
G . P. P u tn am ,
1975. 480 p.
M e i s l in , B e r n a rd J .
Jewish law in American tribunals.
New York,
Ktav, 1976. 233 p.
Systematic study of the interaction of Jewish law and the com­
mon law.
M e l t z e r , M i l t o n .
Never to forget: the Jews of the Holocaust.
H a rp e r
& Row, 1976. 217
Based upon accounts of eyewitnesses, the work offers an overall
view of the organization and dimensions of the Holocaust.
Memmi, A l b e r t .
Jews and Arabs.
Trans, from the French by Eleanor
Levieux. Chicago, J. Philip O’Hara, 1975. 220 p.
Essays examining the allegations of non-discrimination of Jews
under Arab rule.
---- .
The scorpion.
Chicago, J. Philip O'Hara, 1975. 243 p. Paperbound
M e r r i l l , Eugene
Qumran and predestination: a theological study
of the thanksgiving hymns.
Leiden, Brill, 1975. 71 p.
Qumran thought on conflict between free will and predestina-