Page 138 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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M e sch , B a r r y .
Studies in Joseph Ibn Caspi: fourteenth century philo­
sopher and exegete.
L e id en , B r i l l ,
1975. 116 p.
Biographical study.
M i l l e r ,
M a x w e l l .
The Old Testament and the historian.
delphia, Fortress Press, 1976. 87 p. Paperbound.
Historian’s methodology in his critical study of the Bible.
M in d e l , N issan .
Rabbi Schneur Zalman.
N .Y.,
Research Center, 1974. 340, 255 p.
Work on Chabad Hasidism: vol. one—biography of the founder,
Rabbi Schneur Zalman; vol. two—philosophy.
M o n tg om e r y , J o h n
The Quest for Noah’s ark.
New York, Pyramid
Books, 1974. 384 p.
Collection of accounts by travelers and explorers of their ad­
ventures near Mount Ararat.
M o o re , D o n a ld
Martin Buber: prophet of religious secularism.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1975. 264 p.
Analysis of Buber’s views of institutional religion.
M o o re , J o h n N o r t o n ,
The Arab-Israeli conflict.
Princeton, Prince­
ton University Press, 1975. 3 vols.
Compilation of documents and statements relating to history
of Zionism, Arab nationalism, and Arab-Israel stalemate.
M o ra is , V am b e r to .
A short history of anti-Semitism.
New York, W. W.
Norton, 1976. 300 p.
Study of anti-Semitism dealing with its psychological, moral,
and philosophical aspects.
M unk , M i c h a e l
L., and
M unk , E l i ,
Shechita: religious and his­
torical research on the Jewish method of slaughter.
Brooklyn, N.Y.,
Gur Aryeh, 1976. 299 p.
Survey of the defense of
in Europe with supplementary
halachic material concerning electrical stunning.
N eu sne r , J a c o b .
The academic study of Judaism: essays and reflections.
New York, Ktav, 1975. 176 p.
Selection of previously published papers with added critiques.
— .
Between time and eternity.
Eneino, Calif., Dickenson, 1975. 196 p.
Text about the fundamental facts of Judaism.
— .
Early Rabbinic Judaism: historical studies in religion, literature
and art.
Leiden, Brill, 1975. 226 p.
Studies in the development of the “Oral Torah” contained in
---- .
A History of the Mishnaic law of purities: part eleven Tohorot.
Leiden, Brill, 1976. 246 p.