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— , ed.
Judaism and other Greco-Roman cults: studies
for Morton Smith at sixty.
Leiden, Brill, 1975. 4 vols.
Studies analyzing Judaism and Christianity in their historical
context. Part one: New Testament; part two: Early Christianity;
part three: Judaism before 70; part four: Judaism after 70, other
Greco-Roman cults, bibliography.
---- , ed.
Understanding American Judaism: toward the description of a
modern religion, vol. I: the rabbi and the synagogue; vol. II:
sectors of American Judaism.
New York, Ktav and Anti-Defama­
tion League of B’nai B’rith, 1975. Paperbound.
Anthology of essays describing developmental, sociological, and
religio-cultural aspects of American Judaism.
N u lm a n , M a c y .
Concise encyclopedia of Jewish music.
New York,
McGraw-Hill, 1975. 276 p.
O l s t h o o r n ,
M. F.
The Jewish background of Synoptic setting of Mt 6,
25-33 and Lk 12, 22-31.
Jerusalem, Franciscan Printing Press, 1975.
88 p.
Study of the meaning of the respective texts within historical
O r lo w , S e t h ,
S u t t o n , J a c k
A., eds.
Passover Haggadah: minhag
New York, Young Shaare Zion, 1975. 110 p.
Designed for the Syrian Sephardic community in Brooklyn,
with commentaries by Sephardim and appendix on the laws of
P apenek , E r n s t ,
E dw a rd L inn .
Out of the fire.
New York, William
Morrow, 1975. 299 p.
Author’s memoir of the tragic fate of Jewish children in four
homes in France under German regime during World War II.
P a t a i , R a p h a e l ,
W in g , J e n n i f e r P a t a i .
The myth of the Jewish
New York, Charles Scribner’s Sons, 1975. 350 p.
Critical examination of the commonly held idea that Jews are
a separate race.
P a t e r s o n , M o i r a ,
The Bar Mitzvah book.
Advisory editors: Eugene
B. Borowitz, Nachum L. Rabinovitch, Louis I. Rabinowitz. New
York, Praeger, 1975. 224 p.
Book on Jewish faith and history.
P e a r lm a n , M o she .
In the footsteps of the Prophets.
New York, Thomas
Y. Crowell, 1975. 230 p.
P e n a r , Tadeu sz .
Northwest Semitic philology and the Hebrew frag­
ments of Ben Sira.
Rome, Biblical Institute Press, 1975. 112 p.
New light on the text of Ben Sira.
Pesikta de-Rab Kahana: R. Kahana’s compilation of discourses for
Sabbaths and festal days.
Trans, from Hebrew and Aramaic by