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William G. (Gershon Zev) Braude and Israel J. Kapstein. Phila­
delphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1975. 593 p.
P e tu c h o w s k i , J a k o b J . ,
New perspectives on Abraham Geiger:
an HUC-JIR symposium.
New York, Ktav, 1975. 58 p. Paperbound.
Evaluation of Geiger’s scholarly and religious work on the
occasion of the 100th anniversary of his passing.
P o l i s h , D av id .
Israel—nation and people.
New York, Ktav, 1975. 200 p.
Anthology of author’s essays on Zionism, Diaspora, and the
State of Israel.
P o l l , S o lom o n ,
K r a u s z , E r n e s t ,
On ethnic and religious
diversity in Israel.
Ramat Gan, Institute for Study of Ethnic and
Religious Groups, 1975. 126 p. Paperbound.
Monograph dealing with research in the areas of ethnic and
religious sub-cultures in Israel.
P o l l a k , M i c h a e l .
The Torah scrolls of the Chinese Jews.
Southern Methodist University, 1975. 134 p.
History, significance, and present whereabouts of the
Sifrei Torah
of the defunct Jewish community in Kaifeng.
P o sn e r , R a p h a e l ,
T a -Sh em a , I s r a e l ,
The Hebrew book:
an historical survey.
New York, Leon Amiel; Jerusalem, Keter,
1975. 229 p.
Illustrated treatment of the Hebrew book based upon the
relevant materials in
Encyclopaedia Judaica.
Includes sections
on the pre-printing era, various aspects of Hebrew printing, the
book trade and major library collections.
P o s t a l , B e r n a rd ,
S t e r n , M a l c o lm
American Airlines tourist’s
guide to Jewish history in the Caribbean.
New York, American
Airlines, 1975. 96 p.
Brief history of Jewish settlement in the Caribbean islands,
and information on present Jewish communities.
P r a g e r , D enn is ,
T e lu s h k in , Jo s e p h .
Eight questions people ask
about Judaism.
Whitestone, N.Y., Tze Ulmad Press, 1975. 207 p.
Introduction to Judaism and inquiry into its relevance.
P r ie sa n d , S a l l y .
Judaism and the new woman.
Introduction by Bess
Myerson. New York, Behrman, 1975. 144 p. Paperbound.
Review of status of Jewish woman since biblical times, with
emphasis on changes in contemporary society.
P r i t c h a r d , J am e s
B., ed.
Solomon and Sheba.
New York, Prager/
Phaidon, 1975. 160 p.
Collection of essays on Jewish, Islamic, Ethiopian and Christian
traditions concerning the encounter between Solomon and Sheba.
R ass , R e b e c c a ,
with the collaboration of
M o r r i s B r a fm a n .
Moscow to Jerusalem: the dramatic story of the Jewish Liberation