Page 141 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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Movement and its impact on Israel.
New York, Shengold, 1976.
256 p.
Story of die Jewish exodus from Soviet Russia to Israel.
R e in h a r z , J e h u d a .
Fatherland or Promised Land: the dilemma of the
German Jew, 1893-1914.
Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, 1975.
328 p.
History of two major German Jewish organizations formed to
deal with the contradictions between emancipation and anti-
R ezn e ck , S am u e l .
Unrecognized patriots: the Jews in the American
Westport, Conn., Greenwood Press, 1975. 299 p.
R i c h l e r , M o rd e c a i .
The street.
Washington, D.C., New Republic
Book Co., 1975. 128 p.
Autobiographical memoir offering an environmental study of
life in the Jewish quarter in Montreal.
R iem e r , J a c k ,
Jewish reflections on death.
New York, Schocken
Books, 1976. Paperbound reprint.
R o c k la n d , M a e S h a f t e r .
The Hanukkah book.
New York, Schocken
Publishing, 1975. 174 p.
---- .
The work of our hands: Jewish needlecraft for today.
New York,
Schocken Books, 1975. 258 p. Paperbound reprint.
R o i t e r , H ow a rd .
Voices from the Holocaust.
New York, William-
Frederick Press, 1975. 221 p.
Attempt to communicate the realism of the incomprehensible
tragedy of the Holocaust.
R o s e n b e rg e r , M.
City-coins of Palestine (The Rosenberger Israel
collection): vol. II, Caesarea, Diospolis, Dora, Eleutheropolis,
Gaba, Gaza and Joppa.
Jerusalem, 1975. 79 p.
Numismatic study.
R osensw e ig , B e r n a rd .
Ashkenazic Jewry in transition.
Kitchiner, Ont.,
Wilfrid Laurier University, 1975. 173 p.
Aspects of German Jewish history in the 15th century.
R o sk ies , D ia n e
Teaching the Holocaust to children: a review and
New York, Ktav, 1975. 65 p.
Articles and aids on curricula for teaching the Holocaust in
English- and Yiddish-speaking schools.
— , and
R osk ies , D av id
The shtetl book.
New York, Ktav, 1975.
327 p.
Work about Yiddish speaking Jews offering an in-depth study
of one locality—Tishevits in the province of Lublin—and a
general view of East European Jewish patterns in the 19th