Page 142 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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R o s n e r , F red ,
Moses Maimonides’ commentary on the Mishnah:
introduction to Seder Zeraim and commentary on Tractate Bera-
New York, Feldheim, 1975. 235 p.
— , ed.
Proceedings of the Association of Orthodox Jewish Scientists,
volume 3-4
. New York, Feldheim, 1976. 239 p. Paperbound.
R o t h , C e c i l .
History of the Jews in Venice.
New York, Schocken
Books, 1975. 380 p. Paperbound reprint.
---- .
A history of the Marranos.
Introduction by Herman P. Salomon.
New York, Schocken Books, 1975. 425 p. Paperbound reprint.
R ub in , R u t h ,
A Treasury of Jewish folksong.
Piano setting by
Ruth Post. Drawings by T. Herzl Rome. New York, Schocken
Books, 1976. 224 p. Paperbound reprint.
R u b in s te in , A r y e h .
Jerusalem, Keter, 1975. 119 p.
Brief illustrated presentation on Hasidism with attention to
its contemporary image.
R u nn ing , L e o n a
G., and
F reedm an , D a v id N o e l .
William Foxwell
Albright: a twentieth century genius.
New York, Two Continents
Publishing Group, 1975. 447 p.
Biography of the renowned archeologist.
S a c h e r , H a r r y .
Israel, the establishment of a state.
Westport, Conn.,
Hyperion Press, 1976. 332 p.
Reprint of 1952 edition published in London by G. Weiden-
feld & Nicholson.
Sam u e ls , G e r t r u d e .
B-G: fighter of Goliaths: the story of David Ben-
Gurion: new rev. ed.
New York, Thomas Y. Crowell, 1975. 309 p.
S a n f o r d , M a r g e r y ,
Orphans of the exodus: separated Soviet Jewish
families, a collection of case histories.
Miami, South Florida Con­
ference on Soviet Jewry, 1976. 107 p.
Communications from Jewish parents, emigrees from Soviet
Russia whose children are refused exit visas.
S c h a c h t e r , Z a lm a n .
Fragments of a future scroll: Hassidism for the
Aquarian Age.
Ed. by Philip Mandelkorn and Stephen Gerstman.
San Francisco, Judaic Book Service, 1975. 161 p.
Study guide in mysticism.
S c h a f f e r , S h a u l ,
A s h e r Jo s e p h .
Israel’s Temple Mount: the
Jews’ magnificent sanctuary.
English editor: Asher Feuchtwanger.
Jerusalem, Achva Press, 1975. 299 p.
Illustrated compendium on the First and Second Temples with
adjoining surroundings, based upon Jewish sources and archeologi­
cal data.
S c h e c h o r i , R a n .
Art in Israel.
New York, Schocken Books, 1975. 200 p.
Modern Israeli art, paintings and sculpture.