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S i lb e r g , M o sh e .
Talmudic law and the modern state.
b y
Zion Bokser. New York, Burning Bush Press, 1975. 224 p.
Studies reflecting author’s philosophy concerning the applicability
of Talmudic law in the life of modern society.
S in g e r , Jo s e p h
I., ed.
Sermon manual.
New York, Rabbinical Council,
1975. 264 p.
33rd volume of sermons published by RCA.
S in g e rm a n , R o b e r t .
The Jews in Spain and Portugal: a bibliography.
New York, Garland Publishing, 1975. 364 p.
Lists over 5,000 entries on all aspects of Jewish life in Spain
and Portugal, past and present.
S o b e l , R o n a ld
B., and
W a l l a c h , S id n e y ,
justice shalt
thou pursue: papers assembled on the occasion of the 75th birth­
day of the Reverend Dr. Julius Mark.
New York, Ktav, 1975. 210 p.
Collection of scholarly papers, compiled under the auspices
of the Jewish Conciliation Board, on aspects of Jewish law and
its influence.
Sogg in ,
A l b e r t o .
Old Testament and Oriental studies.
Biblical Institute Press, 1975. 256 p. Paperbound.
Series of studies first published in Italian.
Sp a ld in g , H e n r y
D., ed.
A Treasure-trove of American Jewish humor.
New York. Jonathan David, 1976. 429 p.
Compilation of stories, anecdotes, jokes, etc.
S t o r k , J o e .
Middle East oil and the energy crisis.
New York, Monthly
Review Press, 1975. 326 p.
S t r a s s f e l d , M i c h a e l ,
S i e g e l , R ic h a r d ,
The Jewish calendar
5736: 1975-76.
New York, Universe Books, 1975. 128 p.
Calendar with illustrations and notes about eminent Jews and
events in Jewish history.
S t u r h a h n , J o a n .
Carvalho: artist-photographer-adventurer-patriot: por­
trait of a forgotten American.
Merrick, N.Y., Richwood Publishing
Co., 1976. 226 p.
Story of an important forgotten artist and Jewish community
leader in the 19th century.
S t y l i a n o p o u l o s , T h e o d o r e .
Justin Martyr and the Mosaic law.
soula, University of Montana Scholars Press, 1975. 204 p.
S w id l e r , L e o n a rd .
Women in Judaism: the status of women in for­
mative Judaism.
Metuchen, N.J., Scarecrow Press, 1976. 242 p.
Examination of the social status of Jewish women in Palestine
and Babylonia in the period 200 B.C.E. through 200 C. E.
S z a jk o w s k i , Zosa.
Jews and the French Foreign Legion.
New York,
Ktav Publishing House, 1975. 280 p.
Historical and psychological study.