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T a lm a g e , F r a n k E ph ra im .
David Kimhi: the man and the commen­
Cambridge, Harvard University, 1975. 236 p.
Biographical study.
— , ed.
Disputations and dialog: readings in the Jewish-Christian
New York, Ktav/Anti-Defamation League of B’nai
B’rith, 1975. 411 p.
Collection of philosophic, theological, exegetical and polemic
materials, historic and contemporary, bearing upon the Jewish-
Christian dialogue.
T a y l o r , T e l e f o r d ,
et al.
Courts of terror: Soviet criminal justice and
Jewish emigration.
New York, Vintage Books, 1976. 187 p. Paper-
Account of author's unsuccessful intervention with Soviet juri­
dical authorities, pleading that their own constitutional-legal
principles about human rights should not be made a mockery for
the sake of political expediency.
T e k o a h , Y o s e f .
In the face of the nations: Israel’s struggle for peace.
Ed. by David Aphek. New York, Simon and Schuster, 1976. 284 p.
Selections from author’s pronouncements on crucial issues that
confront Israel in its struggle for survival and justice.
T h om a s , G o rd o n ,
W i t t s , M a x M o rg a n .
Voyage of the damned.
Greenwich, Conn., Fawcett, 1975. 320 p. Paperbound reprint.
T i g e t , L io n e l ,
S h e p h e r , Jo s ep h .
Women in the kibbutz.
York, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, 1975. 344 p.
Sociological study on division of labors between men and
women in various kibbutzim.
, G
Trans, by Gerald Satterwhite. Garden
City, N.Y., Anchor Books, 1975. 280 p.
T i r o s h , Y o s e f ,
Religious Zionism: an anthology.
New York, World
Zionist Organization, 1975. 312 p.
Collection of articles on Judaism and Zionism which reflect the
philosophy of the Mizrahi movement.
U r o f s k y , M e l v in
I., and
L e v y , D av id L .
Letters of Louis D. Brandeis:
vol. 14
. Albany, State University of New York, 1975.
587 p.
Brandeis’ letters from the time President Wilson nominated
him to the Supreme Court of the United States till his resignation
as honorary president of the World Zionist Organization.
U ssosk in , M o she .
Struggle for survival.
Jerusalem, Academic Press,
1975. 268 p.
Documented history of Jewish credit cooperatives in Bessarabia,
Old Rumania, Bukovina and Transylvania, 1901-1950.