Page 147 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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Work reprinted with modifications and additions to original
edition of 1880.
W o l f , Edw in
2nd, and
W h i tm a n , M a x w e l l .
The History of the Jews
of Philadelphia from Colonial times to the age of Jackson.
delphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1975. 534 p.
Work originally published in 1956, re-issued as a Bicentennial
W o l f e , A n n
G., ed.
A reader in Jewish community relations.
York, Ktav, 1976. 311 p.
Selection of pronouncements on broad spectrum of community
relations work.
W o l f e r t , A d r ie n n e .
Natal fire.
Boston, Branden Press, 1975. 78 p.
Poetry reflective of author’s predilection for the metaphysical.
W o l f s o n , H a r r y A u s t r y n .
The philosophy of the Kalam.
Harvard University, 1976. 779 p.
Kalam doctrine, systematically presented, and its relationship
to other philosophic traditions, including Judaism.
W o r o b , A b r ah am .
Duties of the mind: essays in Jewish philosophy.
Spring Valley, N.Y., Shaare Emet, 1975. 62 p.
Essays on Jewish ethics.
Yad in , Y ig a e l .
New York, Random House, 1975. 280 p.
Illustrated story of the 21 strata of cities erected since the 18th
century B.C.E. on the site of Hazor.
---- , ed.
Jerusalem revealed: archaeology in the Holy City, 1968-1974.
Jerusalem, Israel Exploration Society and Shikmona, 1975. 136 p.
Articles originally published in Qadmoniot dealing with ar­
cheological activities in Jerusalem since the Six-Day War.
Y e l in , S h u lam is .
Seeded in Sinai.
New York, Reconstructionist Press,
1975. 144 p.
Collection of poems on themes of traditional Jewish symbols,
contemporary concerns and personal questions.
Z e i t l in , S o lom o n .
Studies in the early history of Judaism: Judaism
and Christianity: vol. 3.
New York, Ktav, 1975. 483 p.
Zim, J a c o b .
My shalom, my peace: paintings and poems by Jewish
and Arab children.
New York, McGraw Hill, 1975. 96 p.
Z inberg , I s r a e l .
A history of Jewish literature: vol. 6: the German
Polish cultural center; vol. 7: Old Yiddish literature from its
origins to the Haskalah period.
Trans, by Bernard Martin. New
York, Ktav, 1975. 324, 403 p.