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American Jewish Fiction Books
A n s e l l , J a c k .
New York, Arbor House, 1975. 448 p.
A chronicle of the television industry, with a teeming cast of
characters. The central protagonists are David and Robert Abrams,
obviously inspired by the Sarnoffs. Many Jews and Jewish characters
are sprinkled throughout the novel, which is a kind of sequel to
Dynasty of Air.
B a ssan i, G io rg io .
The smell of hay.
New York, Harcourt Brace Jova-
novich, 1975. 193 p.
Ten stories and a novella by Italy’s foremost Jewish writer about
the suffering and persecution of the Jews of Ferrara under Fascism,
especially the young who respond with the vulnerability of in­
B e l l o w , S a u l .
Humboldt’s gift.
New York, Viking, 1975. 487 p.
A novel exploring the relationship between a successful writer,
Charles Citrine, and his deceased friend, von Humboldt Fleischer,
a brilliant, driven, paranoid Jewish poet who could not sustain
his early achievements and dies in poverty in a Times Square hotel.
Apparently modelled after the late Delmore Schwartz. Winner of
the Pulitzer Prize for fiction.
B e rn , R o n a ld
The legacy.
Boston, Mason/Charter, 1975.
A Southern Jewish college student, confronted with the con­
flict he feels in marrying a gentile girl, is forced to come to grips
with the legacy of his family, and especially his orthodox grand­
B e rn a y s , A n n e .
Growing up rich.
Boston, Little, Brown, 1975. 343 p.
A daughter of socialite Jewish parents is suddenly cast out from
upper-crust affluence to the struggling pedestrian world of an
academic Jewish family in Brookline, when her parents are killed
in an airplane crash. This year’s recipient of the Edward Lewis
Wallant Award for the best Jewish fiction of the year.
C a l i s h e r , H o r te n s e .
The collected stories.
New York, Arbor House,
1976. 502 p.
Thirty-six stories by this prominent Jewish writer, including
previously uncollected work as well as all the stories from
In the
Absence of Angels, Extreme Magic
Tales for the Mirror.