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tive, “ liberated" and trendy couple; and a Polish Jewish refugee
serves as a crafty diplomat for an African nation.
P a r e n t , G a i l .
David Meyer is a mother.
New York, Harper and Row,
1975. 244 p.
A T V executive male chauvinist falls in love with his masseuse,
a Jewish girl secretly researching an article. He winds up mothering
the child she has by him. Slick, predictable comedy.
P o to k , C ha im .
In the beginning.
New York, Knopf, 1975. 407 p.
The childhood and manhood o f a Biblical scholar, written with
great intensity and feeling, connecting precise delineations of
personal and family relationships in a Bronx Jewish community
in the twenties with the impact on that community and on the
central character, David Lurie, of modern Jewish history from
the pogroms in Poland in the twenties to the Depression and the
Holocaust. A very fine novel.
Popkin , Z e ld a .
Dear once.’
New York, Lippincott, 1975. 382 p.
This family chronicle spans four generations and centers on
daughter Milly and her marriage to a Jewish actor in Hollywood
during the onslaught of McCarthyism, and her daughter's search
for identity.
Sh ah a r , David .
The palace of shattered vessels.
Boston, Houghton
Mifflin, 1975. 212 p.
Shahar, who won the Agnon Prize in 1973, is one o f Israel’s
outstanding young writers. He follows up his 1974 collection of
short stories,
News from Jerusalem,
with the first novel o f a five-
volume series. Story o f Gabriel Jonathan Luria, descendant of a
sixteenth century mystic, and his impact on the life o f a young
boy living in Jerusalem.
S inger , I saac Bashevis .
New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux,
1975. 312 p.
Twenty brilliant stories about love, sorcery, friendship, witchery
and death that range from hilarity to pathos, in settings as diverse
as Argentina, Portugal, Warsaw, Manhattan’s West Side, the
Catskill Mountains, and a modern Miami Beach condominium.
S o lom o n , R u t h Freem an .
Two lives, two lands.
New York, Putnam’s,
1975. 383 p.
Another family chronicle, about the Pirov family who flee
Russia and the Czar, and the grandchildren: two half-brothers
enlisted by a secret agent in England to fight the Turks and help
prepare the way for the Jewish homeland in Palestine. Near
East intrigue and adventure.
W e idm an , Jerom e .
The temple.
New York, Simon and Schuster, 1975.
447 p.