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Jewish Juvenile Books
A v i -Y o n ah , M i c h a e l .
Ancient scrolls.
Retold for young readers by
Richard L. Currier. Illus. with photos. Minneapolis, Lerner Pub­
lications (Lerner Archaeology series), 1974. 96 p.
Ancient writings on centuries-old scrolls, including the Dead
Sea Scrolls, have preserved the record of past civilizations, (ages
— .
The art of mosaics.
Retold for young readers by Richard L. Cur­
rier. Illus. with photos. Minneapolis, Lerner Publications (Lerner
Archaeology series), 1975. 96 p.
A history o f mosaic art—prehistoric, Christian, ancient Palestine
synagogues—from the perspective o f the archaeologist, (ages 11-13)
Search for the past: an introduction to archaeology.
Retold for
young readers by Richard L. Currier. Illus. with photos. Min­
neapolis, Lerner Publications (Lerner Archaeology series), 1974.
96 p.
First in a six-volume series, this book provides a solid basis for
understanding the history, methods, and goals o f archaeology,
especially in the Mediterranean area, (ages 11-13)
A x e lb a n k , A l b e r t .
Soviet dissent: intellectuals, Jews, and detente.
Illus. with photos. New York, Watts, 1975. 105 p.
A serious study of Soviet repression for already well-informed
readers. Difficult text, (ages 14-16)
B e rk , Fred.
The Chasidic dance.
New York, Union o f American Hebrew
Congregations; American Zionist Youth Foundation, 1975. 64 p.
Bibliography and background on Chasidism and its dances,
followed by step-by-step instructions for performing ten dances,
(ages 12-15)
B lu e , R o se .
Grandma didn’ t wave hack.
Illus. by Ted Lewin. New
York, Yearling (Dell), 1976, 62 p. Paperbound reprint.
A welcome paperbound edition of a warm, contemporary story
about growing up as grandma grows older, (ages 10-12)
Dav idson , M a r g a r e t .
The Golda Meir story.
New York, Scribners,
1976. 212 p.
A compelling biography of an extraordinary woman, emphasiz­
ing her early years. A dramatic depiction of what Jewishness and
Israel means to her—and should mean to us. (ages 10-13)