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E lk in s , D o v P e re tz .
God’s warriors: dramatic adventures of rabbis
Illus. by Isobel Goldman. Middle Village, N. Y., Jonathan
David Publishers, 1974. 92 p.
Jewish chaplains played exciting and important roles in the
Armed Forces from the Civil War to the recent conflict in Vietnam,
(ages 9-12)
F o rm an , James.
Code name Valkyrie: Count von Stauffenberg and the
plot to kill Hitler.
New York, Laurel-Leaf (Dell), 1975. 256 p.
Paperbound reprint.
The ill-fated attempt to assassinate the German dictator, (ages
— .
The survivor.
New York, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1976. 272 p.
The disintegration of a Jewish family in Nazi-occupied Holland
in an intense novel for mature readers, (ages 14-16)
G o l a n n , C e c i l
Mission on a mountain: the story of Abraham and
Illus. by H. Hechtkopf. Minneapolis, Lerner Publications,
1975. Unp.
A version o f the
frightening to children, emphasizing
divine caprice and parental irresponsibility—unmitigated by the
moral or historical values of the story, (ages 7-10)
G on en , R ivka .
Pottery in ancient times.
Edited by Michael Avi-Yonah.
Illus. with photos. Minneapolis, Lerner Publications (Lerner
Archaeology series), 1974. 96 p.
Fragments o f pottery provide clues to the character o f ancient
civilizations. A thorough resource for the budding young archeolo-
gist. (ages 11-13)
G ro ss , M i c h a e l .
The fable of the fig tree.
Illus. by Mila Lazerevich.
New York, Henry Z. Walck, 1975. Unp.
Greed doesn’t pay in this parable with an obvious moral, (ages
H a u tz ig , E s th e r ,
The case against the wind and other stories.
I. L. Peretz. Illus. by Leon Shtainmets. New York, Macmillan,
1975. 96 p.
Ten stories by Peretz, newly translated and adapted, with ex­
planatory notes. Children will absorb these beautiful and imagina­
tive tales into their own dreams and creativity. A book to treasure,
(ages 10-14)
H ir sh , M a r i l y n .
The rabbi and the twenty-nine witches: a Talmudic
Illus. by the author. New York, Holiday House, 1976. Unp.
A story from
lore retold with humor and verve. Masterful
pictures o f the sleepy village, the wise rabbi and the deep, dark
cave impel die reader to the surprise ending, (ages 6-10)