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Mystery and mysticism in a tale o f power gone awry. A large-
format book with full-color gouache, watercolor, and ink drawings,
(ages 9-11)
M e l t z e r M i l t o n .
World of our fathers: the Jews of Eastern Europe.
Illus. with photos. New York, Laurel-Leaf (D e ll), 1976. 274 p.
Paperbound reprint.
Eyewitness accounts woven into a moving narrative of the
variegated life of East European Jewry, (ages 12-15)
M e sh o r e r , Y a a k o v .
Coins of the ancient world.
Retold for young
readers by Richard L. Currier. Illus. with photos. Minneapolis,
Lerner Publications (Lerner Archaeology series), 1975. 94 p.
Ancient coins, from hoards o f silver ingots and shekel weights
to minted bronze and gold coins o f the seventh century, (ages
M i lg r im , S h ir le y .
Haym Salomon: liberty’s son.
Illus. by Richard
Fish. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1975. 119 p.
A beautifully-designed Bicentennial biography. Winner of the
1976 Charles and Bertie G. Schwartz Juvenile Award o f the Jewish
Book Council, (ages 9-12)
N e v i l l e , Em i ly C h en e y .
Berries Goodman.
New York, Harper Trophy
(Harper and R ow ) , 1975. 192 p. Paperbound reprint.
The popular teenage novel about anti-Semitism in the suburbs—
opposed by the author on the grounds that Jews are nice people
like everyone else, (ages 11-13)
N ewm an , S h ir le y .
A Child’s introduction to the Early Prophets.
by Louis Newman. Illus. by Lucille Wallace. New York, Behrman,
1975. 128 p.
Historical background illuminates the “ partly true and partly
imaginary” contents of the Books of Joshua, Judges, and Samuel,
(ages 9-11)
N u ren b e rg , T h e lm a .
The time of anger.
New York, Abelard-Schuman,
1975. 207 p.
Young people on a border kibbutz adjust to the events of the
Six-Day War. A romantic novel, with a good depiction o f the
conflicting loyalties o f Israeli Arabs, (ages 12-14)
O f e k , U r i e l ,
My shalom, my peace: paintings and poems by Jewish
and Arab children.
Trans, by Dov Vardi. Ed. and designed by
Yaakov Zim. Illus. in color. New York, McGraw-Hill, 1975. 96 p.
Israeli school children, ages 6^-15, express their desire for peace
in the face of continuous threats of war. (ages 9-12)
P a s te rn ak , V e l v e l ,
Hassidic-style songs of the 70s.
New York, Tara
Publications, 1975. 60 p. Paperbound.
Liturgical texts set to music, many in print for the first time.
Includes discography, (ages 12-14)