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witz, and to his fellow officers, we express a hearty
todah rabbah.
The splendid cooperation of our associate editors and of the
Editorial Advisory Board members contributed largely to the
fashioning of this volume. Dr. Judah Nadich, our energetic past
president, again rendered valiant service to our Council in sev­
eral facets of its program. We gratefully acknowledge two special
gifts: from the Lucius N. Littauer Foundation through the good
offices of our esteemed Editorial Board member, Harry Starr,
and from the Israel Matz Foundation through our late revered
associate editor, Dr. I. Edward Kiev.
Mere words are inadequate to acknowledge our debt to our
managing editor, Rabbi Philip Goodman, to whom this volume
is deservedly dedicated. His 32 years of devoted and loyal leader­
ship can best be characterized by the Hebrew
for the
numeral 32:
meaning “heart.” He has served and led us with
lev navon,
“an understanding heart” and with
yekar ruah,
bility of spirit.” On his retirement this year from JWB, he and
his beloved wife Hanna will make an
to Jerusalem, where
they will make their home. Our blessing and our affection, in
full measure, will companion them in the Holy Land of our
Hazak! Hazak! Lehitraot!