Page 164 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 34

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,pbpna .tnxoix’ aw p n r nor nxa . n " m n a ’ n a x a n n s o
/ a y a"an ..Y'bwn ,a ’ T>onn "ixix
The discourses of Joseph Isaac Schneersohn in 1928.
*w ’ wa tapiba : ’ i x ’ b a
a b r
1 1
x ’ aw ’ a n n
n i s o
nian annax apb .an’ n n n b r a n ’ X’ wj bw annaxa i a .rn
/a y r n /V'D .rbwn ,DH’ onn nnx ,pbpna .a main .p w a r b a
About Shneor Zalman ben Baruch, compiled from the sayings and
writings of various Habad leaders by Rabbi Abraham Hanokh Glitzen-
’ •pa m y .b"m ’ w i t s nnaai (Tipaa) ’ "wn wna oy : n
a w n s o
/a y a"an .rrbwn ,*
nnn /laama .*imn .a
The Book of Exodus with the Rashi commentary vocalized, by
David Mendel Harduf of Toronto, Canada.
,pbpna .nyabbxn ’ ax a” n nwa nxa .mban mx’ a ay : d ’ b n n n a
d w
n"ap .»Tbwn nyabbxn .x.n.a
The Book of Psalms with commentary by Moses Hayyim Zvi Wollner
of Brooklyn.
,pbpna .nay:xa bxbxa B” n nxa .a” n nnx
w it s
ay : a ’ b n n n s o
/a y a"p .n"bwn ,byxir’ x .a .x
The Book of Psalms, with commentary by Rabbi Hayyim Bezalel
Paneth of Hungary (d. 1874).
’ aam nnn ’ bm a .nan ’ xa na’ nwn paxa by rriw : n a a x a n n y
.n’ xisn na’ naa a” n ’ byn nyn na’ nwn onaaip n n ’ xa ,manan
■raw .x pbn ..Y'bwn ,b*nnan w"y nnx nn wman n’ a ,pbpna
/a y
Collection of responsa, defending the traditional method of slaughter­
ing animals according to Jewish law against the charge of cruelty to
/iwbn oisn ,.\a . j x a m s nwa nxa .mmn by : a ■»a p
m a y
/a y ran .n’ wana nso .x pbn ..Y'bwn
Comments on the Book of Genesis, by Rabbi Moshe Friedman of
Toronto, Canada.
n’ a ,pbpna .p a n rryw’ nxa .o"wn nraio by :<n ’ y w ’ m a y
/a y Y'yp ..Y'bwn ,a ’ bwn ’ nnoa
Comments on passages in the Talmud, by Rabbi Isaiah Rubin of
Eastern Europe (d. 1891).